WordPress Social Login

How to Add WordPress Social Login for Higher User Engagement

If you’re like most website owners, you might not know that enabling WordPress social login can help you increase your website’s user engagement. And it all has to do with users forgetting their account passwords. For those unfamiliar, there’s a thing called “password fatigue” and your website’s visitors or customers might be suffering from it. […]

WordPress Redirect After Login and Registration: Easy Tutorial

If you own a WordPress site that allows front-end user registration you’re probably looking for an easy way to set up a WordPress redirect after login or registration. Not only does this let you keep users out of the WordPress dashboard, but it also lets you send them straight to a specific page that you’ve optimized for them.

WordPress Admin Approval based on User Role with Profile Builder

Admin Approval for new users is one of those must have features for every website that allows user registration. Sometimes, deciding who gets to be a user on your website is a good way to keep your user base clean and fight user registration spam. Taking it further, there are times when you need to […]

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite - Featured image

Create WordPress Demo Site with Multisite

Creating demo sites with WordPress Multisite is a quick way to let your potential customers try out your WordPress theme, widget, or plugin in a true-to-life environment all while benefiting your SEO. Setting up a demo site for WordPress plugins and widgets or WordPress themes can be as simple as installing WordPress and giving everyone […]

Safari Push notifications for WordPress how and why

Starting with October 2013, with Apple launching OSX Mavericks, Mac users running this operating system could start receiving safari push notifications for WordPress on their desktop not only from their installed apps (i.e. from Gmail or Skype) but also from websites that enabled this service. To subscribe to a website, one need only visit it […]

WordPress Shortcode – Compare Values

With both Profile Builder and WordPress Creation Kit plugins using Mustache as their template system for things like User Listing and Swift Templates, we need at times the possibility to compares different values. This however, is not possible in Mustache. So a shortcode to compare values comes to the rescue. Compare Shortcode Download Compare Shortcode […]

Maximum Character Length Add-On for Profile Builder

How can I limit the maximum number of characters a user can type in a field? You may find yourself in the situation where you want your users to provide a postal code that is at most 4 characters long, or a description of themselves in less than 140 characters. In these cases the Maximum Character Length […]

Show Custom Fields in WordPress

Adding custom fields to your WordPress site helps you display additional information about your content and can improve SEO for Google and other search engines. But how to show custom fields can be a pretty challenging thing to achieve by non-technical users By default, WordPress gives you the possibility to add custom fields (sometimes called […]