Best WooCommerce Subscriptions Alternative: Paid Member Subscriptions, a More Affordable and Complete Solution

Are you looking to sell subscription products on your WooCommerce site? One of the most popular ways to sell subscription products in WooCommerce is by using the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. It lets you create WooCommerce products with recurring payments as a way to offer subscriptions to your customers. While this is an official extension from […]

Best Ways to Increase Membership and Boost Subscribers on a Membership Site

Are you looking for a way to increase your membership site sign-up rate and boost subscribers? There are many ways business owners can grow their membership site business and maximize the revenue generated. The most effective way to do this is by encouraging more users to sign-up for a paid membership plan. This is not […]

Subscription Cancellation Survey Questions and Best Practices

Looking for a way to get valuable feedback from users who cancel their subscriptions? Create a subscription cancellation survey with useful questions. Creating a subscription cancellation survey is important for getting the most out of users who don’t want to continue their subscriptions. This can help you improve your subscription plans or membership content.

How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Membership Site

Are you looking for a way to grow your membership site? How about creating a membership affiliate program? An affiliate program lets existing members promote your membership site for you in exchange for a small reward. This not only helps you attract more members to your membership program but is a great way to enhance […]

10 Ways to Maximize Subscription Revenue

Are you looking for effective ways to maximize subscription revenue and increase your brand’s bottom line? While offering high-quality content is one of the best ways to increase subscriptions, there are many other ways you can use to maximize the revenue your subscription site generates. This will help you grow your business and make your […]

How to Use WordPress Testimonial Plugins to Grow Your Subscription Site

Looking for a way to encourage more subscriptions on your membership site? Leverage testimonial advertising to gain subscriptions! Using testimonials in advertising is one of the best ways to grab the attention of site visitors on your membership site. It helps them relate to the content or the person giving the testimonial. This way, you […]

3 Worst Membership Cancellation Policies (and What to Do Instead)

Is it hard for users to cancel their subscription from your membership site? Do you want users who cancel their subscriptions to recommend your site to their friends and family? One way to do this is by improving your membership cancellation policy. While you may have lost the subscription, leaving subscribers with a negative user […]

How to Offer Free Trial Membership & Subscription Plans in WordPress

Offering free trial membership and subscription plans is one of the most popular customer acquisition strategies for membership sites. By offering free trials, you can encourage more people to try out your subscription plan and give them a glimpse of what they can expect to get from the premium subscription plan. It also gives them […]

How To Create Your Own WordPress Customer Portal

Looking for a way to enhance your customer experience? Set up a customer portal in WordPress. A customer portal lets customers quickly access information and helpful resources. These might be related to the product they purchased from you or information on how to get in touch with customer support. A customer portal essentially promotes communication […]