Admin Approval

Admin Approval

With version 1.1.40, Profile Builder comes with this awesome feature, which can be real useful in some cases.

To activate it, go to the “General Settings” tab, and enable this feature by selecting “Yes” right besides the text “Admin Approval” Feature Activated (see image below).

Once this is done, the default WP userlisting table should have a new option for every user who has administrator privileges, 2 new menus (which you can use to filter only the “approved” or only the “unapproved” users) and also a new column, as depicted below:

When logged in as an administrator, you can “approve” or “unapprove” any user you want. A confirmation message will appear, and after confirming this, the user will have his/her user-status changed (see below):

Also, the “Admin Approval” feature is fully compatible with the back-end too, thus once it is active, users who register get (by default) the “unapproved” user-status (same as they would get using the registration form created via Profile Builder), and neither can they log in.

Unapproved users:

  • Can’t log in (neither front-, nor back-end)
  • Can’t be displayed
  • Won’t appear in the userlisting created via Profile Builder