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Option Fields Creator

Overview of Option Fields Creator

WCK Option Fields Creator is available only in WordPress Creation Kit Hobbyist and Pro versions. It allows you to easily create Option Fields for your Option Pages managed by WCK Option Pages Creator.

To create Option Fields go to WCK -> Option Fields Creator and click on Add New.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Fields Creator - Add New

Features of Option Fields Creator

Option Fields Creator lets you add Option Fields in Option Pages.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Fields Creator - Features

Select on which Option Page this Field Group will appear

Inside the tab we can set:

  1. Group Title (required) – The name of the Group Field
  2. Option Page (required) – Select the option page here. If there is no Option Page displayed we need to create one with WCK Option Pages Creator
  3. Option Name (required) – The name of the Option. Must be unique, only lowercase letters, no spaces and no special characters
  4. Repeater – Whether the box supports just one entry or if it is a Repeater Field. By default it is a Single Field
  5. Sortable – Whether the entries are sortable or not. This is valid for Repeater Fields

Option Page Fields

Inside the tab we can set:

  1. Field Title (required) – Title of the field. A slug will automatically be generated
  2. Field Type (required) – The Field Type
  3. Description – The description of the field
  4. Required – Whether the field is required or not
  5. Sortable – Default value of the field. For Checkboxes if there are multiple values separate them with a “,”

Fields Types

Inside Option Page Fields tab you can use the following Fields:

Default Fields Types

  1. Text – Used to add limited information
  2. Textarea – Used to add consistent information
  3. Select – Used to choose data from a predefined list
  4. Checkbox – Used to check an option from a list
  5. Radio – Used to select an option from a radio button group
  6. Upload – Used for uploading Files or Images via the WordPress Media Uploader
  7. WYSIWYG Editor – Used for adding and editing information with HTML
  8. Heading – Used to create sections of Custom Fields
  9. Colorpicker – Allows a color to be selected via a JavaScript popup
  10. Currency Select – Allows a currency to be selected from a dropdown list
  11. Phone – Used for adding a phone number
  12. Timepicker – Used for selecting the hour / minute from a dropdown list
  13. HTML – Used to add HTML content
  14. Number – Used to add a number

Extra Fields Types

  1. Datepicker – Allows a date to be selected via a JavaScript popup calendar
  2. Country Select – Used to create a dropdown list with all countries
  3. User Select – Displays a dropdown that lets you select one of the users registered on your website
  4. Custom Post Type Select – Displays a dropdown of all available entries for a specific Custom Post Type
  5. Map – Allows to add a Map in a Post, Page or Custom Post Type

Setup Option Field

In order to display our Option Fields in Option Pages we need to set the Group Title, Option Page, Option Name and add our Fields.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Fields Creator - Published

Option Fields in Option Page

After we setup our Option Fields we can view them in our Option Page.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Fields Creator - Product Details

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