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Option Pages Creator

Overview of Option Pages Creator

WCK Option Pages Creator is available only in WordPress Creation Kit Hobbyist and Pro versions. It allows you to easily create Option Pages for your Option Fields managed by WCK Option Fields Creator.

To create an Option Page go to WCK -> Option Pages Creator and click on Add New.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Pages Creator - Add New

Features of Option Pages Creator

Option Pages Creator lets you add Option Pages where you can display Option Fields.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Pages Creator - Option Page Arguments

Option Page Arguments

  1. Page Name in Menu – The name of the Option Page in the Menu
  2. Display – Choose where in the Admin Menu should the Page appear. We can display the Option Page as Toplevel Page, under Appearance Menu or Under Settings Menu
  3. Advanced Options
    1. Page Title – The Title that is displayed on the page. If this is not filled in then it’s the same as Page Name in Menu
    2. Page Type – Choose what Type the page should be. Important: This overrides the Display Option
    3. Parent Slug (for Submenu Page) – The Slug Name for the Parent Menu (or the file name of a standard WordPress Admin Page). For examples see add_submenu_page() – $parent_slug parameter
    4. Position (for Toplevel Page) – The position in the Menu order where this Option Page should appear. Available for Toplevel Pages only
    5. Capability – The Capability required for this Option Page to be displayed to the user. Defaults to edit_theme_options
    6. Icon URL (for Toplevel Page) – The icon for the Menu button

After we setup the Option Page Arguments we need to click Publish to view and access the Option Page.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Pages Creator - Products

In order to display fields inside our Option Page we will need to use WCK Option Fields Creator.

WordPress Creation Kit - Option Fields Creator - Product Details

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