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Hobbyist Changelog

Fix issue with WP 6.1 not showing metaboxes

Further improvements to security

Security fixes and improvements
Fixed some errors

Security fixes and improvements
Fix some PHP 8 notices.

PHP 8 compatibility

Fix: menu position issue with WordPress 6.0
Fix: some issues with PHP 8.1
Misc: increased repeater field count to 2000 and added a filter so this limit can be adjusted: wck_cfc_maximum_repeater_count

Compatibility fixes for PHP 8.0

Fixed an error in front-end console coming from the color picker script
Fixed a small issue when creating custom field metaboxes

Security fixes

Changed ckeditor version to 4.16.1

Fixed an incompatibility with Profile Builder
Added an icon on the update page
Small css modification
Updated icons in plugin

Increased minimum php version requirements to 5.4.0
Fixed an issue with map markers not being removed on the first click

Added a new Datepicker field format
Modified plugin expiration notices

Updated ckeditor for the wysiwyg field
Fixed an issue with gutenberg paragraphs that loaded ckeditor toolbar in them

Fixed issue with wysiwyg editor in single meta boxes that wasn’t saving
Updated translation files

Fixed width of labels issue in WordPress 5.0

Fix PHP 7 compatibility notices.

Add with_front in the CPTC UI
Add with_front in the CTC UI
Metanames are no longer protected in frontend or customizer
Attachment meta data is now working for all attachment types.
Add a filter over the new/update post args.

Fixed a notice with default value in colorpicker field
Updated translation files

Added ‘rewrite’ and ‘rewrite slug’ advanced options for custom taxonomy creator
Added a plugin notification class
Put back the yellow background on rows when editing an entry

Improved speed by at least 100% in most cases for the interface
Small visual and functionality interface tweaks

Important security fix. Please update

Fixed a notice regarding the Custom Fields Creator introduced in the last version

Added a filter so we can add a metabox to multiple meta boxes: wck_filter_add_meta_box_screens
Fixed issue with PageBuilder from SiteOrigin plugin and CodeMirror

Improved speed on sites with a lot of Custom Fields Metaboxes defined
Fixed some php notices

Added filter ‘wck_extra_field_attributes’ which with you can add extra attributes to fields
Fixed the start page css

Added multiple select field type

Added seamless display mode option to Custom Fields Creator boxes

All WCK meta keys are now protected so they do not appear in WordPress Custom Fields box which fixes some issues
We now can translate WCK labels with string translation in WPML (this includes Front end Posting labels)
Fixed a small css bug
Added ISO 8601 basic format to the Datepicker field.

Security improvements
Small css change for labels in metaboxes
Small PHP 7 compatibility change

Changed the serial number field to a password field
We now check for reserved names on Custom Post Types and Taxonomy Creator
Added a filter to change input type: wck_text_input_type_attribute_{$meta}_{$field_slug}
Fixed a potential notice in Custom Fields Creator

Compatibility with php version 7.1

Fixed an issue with fields that had their slug changed and didn’t appear sometimes
Modifications to upload button so that it disappears when we already have something uploaded
Added 2 new currencies in the Currency Select field
Small modifications to the generate slug function

Changes to the unserialized fields: we can now handle fields from other sources
Improvements to javascript speed in the admin interface

Added sortable taxonomy admin column support for Taxonomy Creator
Added show_in_quick_edit argument support for Taxonomy Creator

Fixed some issues with the unserialized fields conversion
Changed per batch variable from 100 to 30 to try to reduce timeouts on sites with a lot of entries
Fixed warnings regarding Number field

Fixed an issue with the unserialized conversion page when fields had same names

Fixed issue with Custom Fields Creator when fields had the same name as the meta name

We now save every custom field in it’s own separate post meta with an editable meta_key
UI improvements to repeater sortable table

Added date format option for Datepicker Field
Fixed notices when multiple single boxes were present and the first one had a required error
New menu icon

Added Number field type
Removed notice regarding post thumbnail on certain themes
Fixed and error with the Map field
New branding to match website

Fixed preview draft not showing the correct custom fields in certain conditions
Fixed a fatal error that was happening in certain conditions when adding a new Custom Fields Creator Meta Box

Fixed bug in cfc when updating post
Security fixes

Added Map field type
Added Lables field in Custom Fields Creator next to Options for checkboxes, selects and radios
Fixed a bug with the datepicker field and repeaters

Added Phone field type
Added HTML field type
Added Time Picker field type
Added Default Text for textarea field instead of Default Value

Added Heading field type
Added Colorpicker field type
Added Currency field type
Added number of rows and readonly options to the textarea field
Added error notice for users with a php version lower than 5.3.0 on the settings page

Small change in saving single metaboxes
Fixed a possible conflict with ACF Pro

Added new filter for registration errors

We now load the translation files from the theme first if they exist in the folder:local_wck_lang
Now in Custom Fields Creator the Options field for selects,radios and checkboxes is required so you can’t create those field without any options
Single forms now keep their values when form throws alert required message so you don’t have to input the values again

Minor security improvements
Added filter for the ‘rewrite’ argument in the Custom Taxonomy Creator: ‘wck_ctc_register_taxonomy_rewrite_arg’
Added hooks in WCK_Page_Creator api to allow extra content before and after metaboxes: ‘wck_page_creator_before_meta_boxes’ and ‘wck_page_creator_after_meta_boxes’

Added additional labels to Post Type Creator and Taxonomy Creator
We now check the post type name to not have spaces, capital letters or hyphens
When changing a custom post type name the existing posts get ported as well

When renaming a taxonomy we now make sure the terms get ported as well

We now display error message when meta name contains uppercase letters
We now display error when taxonomy name contains uppercase letters or spaces
Nopriv ajax actions now are available only when Front End Posting is enabled
Fixed issues with post thumbnail and themes that added thumbnail support for specific post types in Custom Post Types Creator
Removed notice when WPML was active in certain cases

Fixed typo from ‘Chose’ to ‘Choose’

We now allow Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies to be available via REST API by adding ‘show_in_rest’ attribute

Select field can now display lables when outputting values
Minor security improvements
We no longer get .js errors when a Select field has no options
Added global filter for a form element output
Fixed typo in Meta Box Creator

Aligned “Help” wit “WCK” in contextual help red button
Fixed some issues with translations
Fixed issue with checkbox not saving in single Options Metaboxes
Fixed issue with updating profile without password in FEP dashboard that removed password
Add support for ‘post_author_id’ in Swift Templates
Removed pro banner from sidebar on the pro version
We now run the Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomy register function sooner on the init hook
Add CKEditor Justify addon for enabling the align buttons

Fixed major issue that prevented publishing new metaboxes (CFC)
Added a footer message asking users to leave a review if they enjoyed WCK

Changed the way Single Forms are displayed and saved.
Added ‘slug’ parameter to API and we use it so we can translate labels
Added filter for taxonomy term name
Added support for search in media library for the upload field
Add support for the link in the listed upload fields
Add support for link on image/icon that points to attachement page in backend
Changed the order of the CKEDITOR.config.allowedContent = true to be above the call to initialized the textarea
Now metaboxes or pages don’t appear for users that shouldn’t

Added support in Swift templates for multiple file sizes for images
Wysiwyg editor fields no longer strips html tags
Hooks from wck-static-metabox class no longer execute on frontend or when loading with ajax
Changed the design of the upload buttons in frontend posting
Implemented Serial Number Notices
Changes to WCK deactivate function so it doesn’t throw notices

Fixed problem with upload field in Front End Posting forms when you were logged in as a subscriber
Fixed some Warnings and Notices
Added new filters: ‘wck_delete_button’, ‘wck_edit_button’, ‘wck_after_adding_form_{$meta}’, ‘wck_select_{$meta}{$field_name}_option{$i}’


Added support for shortcodes in swift generated single pages
Now only the author of a post can edit that post using FEP
Front End Posting Dashboard no longer lists edit links for post types on which we don’t have FEP forms
Added filters which we can use to modify the text on metabox buttons in the backend (ex. Add Entry)
Fixed a bug that when we had unserialized fields enabled and we deleted some items in the metabox they still remained in the database
Created filters for before and after elements in Front End Posting Forms
Fixed some PHP Warnings and Notices


Ability to add multiple Front End Posting forms on the same page
Changed deprecated jquery live() function with on() function
Now the upload.js files only loads on the pages where we have Front End Posting forms
Added filters for metabox context and priority as well as for loading or not a metabox
Added filter that allows us to include wck scripts everywhere in the backend
Add filter for metabox content headers and footers. Also remove a closing div that wasn’t needed.
Fixed bug: preview posts and preview drafts not working when we enabled swift template on single
Prevent post form submission when hitting enter on wck text inputs
Removed notice from swift templates redirect
Fixed bug that was causing unwanted slashes to appear when saving options
Fixed bug that wasn’t loading swift templates scripts on all custom post types
Fixed sorting bug: when editing a field inside the metabox and then canceling the action the sorting wasn’t working
Fixed some bugs that were preventing proper sorting of the metabox fields

Fixed some notices and warnings in FEP
Now we can add the same metabox from CFC on multiple ids
Fixed bug in Swift Templates that was preventing Codemirror to display correctly when it was loading in a closed metabox
Added filter for the arguments passed to the register_taonomy() funtion when creating a Custom Taxonomy. ( “wck_ctc_register_taxonomy_args” )
Fixed bug that was executing shortcodes inside escaped shortcodes [[shortcode]]
Fixed problem in CPTC that was setting the ‘publicly_queryable’ argument as true
Change version of Codemirror library
Front End Posting registration form takes into consideration the general WordPress settings regarding User Registration
Front End Posting now takes into consideration the WordPress global settings for comments

Added filter for the arguments passed to the register_post_type() funtion when creating a Custom Post Type. ( “wck_cptc_register_post_type_args” )
Fixed the missing datepicker css 404 error.
Removed notices
Fixed “Attach upload to post” option for the upload field.
Fixed issue in FEP where “Admin Approval” option wasn’t displayed correctly in the backend.
Fixed a javascript error in FEP when trying to sort after adding fields in the “Form Fields” metabox in the backend
Fixed issue in FEP that wasn’t displying taxonomies when they were attached to multiple posts. It duplicated the above post.

Replaced wysiwyg editor from tinymce to ckeditor to fix compatibility issues with WordPress 3.9

Upload Field now uses the media manager added in WP 3.5
Added progress icon on forms in Front End Posting
Now we prevent “Meta Field” and “Field Title” to be named “content” or “action” in Custom Fields Creator to prevent conflicts with existing WordPress Fields
Fixed bug in Front End Posting where a filter for posts_where wasn’t removed correctly
Fixed bug in Custom Fields Creator that didn’t display “0” values
Fixed buf in Front End Posting that didn’t displayed the right values if the Taxonomy had the label “Categories” (regardless of it’s slug). Now it won’t list the default Categories in WP

Added support for including CPT Select inside Swift Templates. You’ll get acess to everything inside the selected custom post type.
Swift Templates now handles errors in a user friendly manner whithout throwing fatal errors
Swift Templates now supports shortcodes
Added filter to FEP for setting up default values in forms
Custom fields can now be added to non public custom post types registered with WCK
Fixed bug in Tiny MCE that converted urls to use relative path
Options Page Creator eliminated the redirect message in the backend

Support for Taxonomy Terms inside Swift Templates
Fixed bug where only one Swift Template could filter the content, other single templates weren’t applied
Refactored a function the function that generates the Swift Tags in the backend

WordPress 3.8 small compatibility tweeks
Featured Image now avaiable in Swift Templates
Fixed some notices regarding serial number
Removed files from codemirror library we weren’t using

Fixed a bug in Swift Templates. Wrong logic applying templates to single posts

Added Swift Templates
WCK menu now only appears for administrators only

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