Best User Registration Plugins for WordPress

9 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

Not sure what’s the right WordPress User Registration Plugin for you to use in your project? Going through all the WordPress User Registration plugins can be disorienting. You probably spent hours and hours searching for plugins and tutorials to help you with your project, and you’re still as confused as you were when you started. […]

WCK 1.1.0 is now alive and kicking!

Want to build a bullet proof, content adding interface for your clients, dead simple to use? WordPress Creation Kit helps YOU to improve the usability of the sited you build, making them manageable by your clients. Your very own repeater custom fields and groups, custom post type and taxonomy creator with front-end posting. On WCK […]

Give Clients the Power to Self-Manage and Update Their WordPress Sites

UPDATE: WordPress Creation Kit 1.1.0 is now available for download To developers, the WordPress admin interface is really simple and intuitive, particularly considering the amount of trouble we go through to make things behave like they should. I found out a lot of clients that were excited about having their own self-powered CMS, freaked out […]

WordPress Login and Registration with Email

Do you have users that would like to Log In and Register into your WordPress site by email? Knowing what a hurdle can be reminding a username, Profile Builder comes with a new feature to fix that issue. Reckoning that an email address is unique and more personal than just a random user name and […]

WordPress Plugin for Dynamic Menus Based On Logged In Status

Displaying dynamic menus based on logged in status is quite straight forward and any developer you’re gona ask will tell you the same thing. Regardless of that, up to this point, the only way show a different menu to your logged in users was to add a bit of code to your theme header, some […]

Login Widget and reCaptcha support in Profile Builder

Even though there have been quite a lot of updates in the last few weeks, it’s been quite a while since there was a post about them; so this article will describe all the changes up to version 1.1.50 of Profile Builder. The Login Widget Since users always requested a more versatile login form, which […]

WordPress Creation Kit – Now with Front End Posting

I’m really happy to announce that WordPress Creation Kit now supports Front End Posting. This is the biggest single piece of functionality we’ve added to WCK since its launch. WordPress Front End Posting, what’s that? Ok, joking aside, WordPress Front End Posting isn’t the most sought after functionality. However, when you do want to post […]

WordPress User Approval, now available for Profile Builder Pro

It is finally time to present version 1.1.40 of Profile Builder Pro with a new and awesome feature: WordPress User Approval by Admins. We’ve always tried to add features that lets you manage your users, fight spam and build local profiles for your users with ease. What this feature does is add a new option […]

WordPress Post From Front End

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making the WordPress post from front end article. Solutions exist, in terms of plugins and specialized themes, but neither fits the bill and there are times when they just aren’t all that flexible. However there’s always the possibility of a custom built WordPress Front End Posting plugin that […]