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Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 26/04/23

I would like to have some fields which are not visible, some fields visible but not editable for logged users.


Did you ever wanted to have some admin only fields attached to your user profiles? Or fields that are editable by administrators and visible by your user?

Now it’s possible with a new addon for Profile Builder: Field Visibility

Profile Builder – Field Visibility Add-On

By default, extra fields created with Profile Builder can be visible and editable by all user roles both in the front-end forms or in the backend.

Now you can add extra fields that are only visible and editable by an administrator like:

  • admin notes about the user
  • custom ID to connect the user with another system
  • a custom category that only admins can add the users in


User Role based field visibility

Wouldn’t it be nice to have different profiles for different user roles?

Now this is possible with the User Role Visibility for fields.

If in the past you had to use the multiple edit profile forms to achieve this, the User Field Visibility Addon gives you the possibility to have a single edit profile form that displays different fields depending on what user role the current user has.

This applies to the backend Edit Profile page as well.

Note: User Field Visibility requires Profile Builder Pro or Hobbyist version 2.0.8 or higher.

Get Field Visibility for Profile Builder

4 thoughts on “User Field Visibility for Profile Builder

    I just installed the free version of profile builder. I went to the mange fields and changed the description of the Display name field, marked it as required and saved it. However, the field doesn’t show up at all on my page with [wppb-register] which is accessed by your wedget. Also, does the Nickname field copy to the Display name field?



    Hi Garry,

    Display name is only available in the Edit Profile forms. The reason behind this is that we keeping with the standard WordPress functionality, where the Display name is actually several combinations between username, first and last name, nickname, etc. This means we need all that information from the database to allow people to chose a display name.


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