WordPress Registration Email – Customize with Profile Builder Pro

Trying to customize the WordPress Registration Email normally means copy pasting a custom php function and then modifying it to fit your project.

But what often happens is that you’re not sure how to implement this because you’re not a developer and you’re not sure how to use the filters that are setup in place.

Now imagine that you can customize the:

  • WordPress Registration Email
  • The email sender and body text with the info from the fields on the registration form
  • Override the from address so that it is the name of the business
  • Customize the Admin Email sent when a new users is registered

All that and more is possible with two new addons for Profile Builder Pro 1.3.0.

Customizing the WordPress Registration Email

With Profile Builder Pro 1.3.0 we’ve created a new set of features especially for you.

Customizing the WordPress Registration Email won’t mean spending hours on the forums trying to figure it out!

Start of by activating the new Email Addons. Just put the User Email Customizer and Admin Email Customizer to “Active” and save the settings.

Customize WordPress Registration Email

User Email Customizer

Besides the general Name and Email address from where these emails are sent (by default we have the site name and wordpress@sitename.com), here you can customize all the emails sent to the users, depending on which settings you have activated in Profile Builder.

Cusomize Email Notification for new registration

You now have access to editing the following emails:

  • Default Registration – This email notification is sent for new registrations on your site regardless of whether you have the Admin Approval or Email Confirmation settings active
  • Registration with Email Confirmation – For customizing the email with the activation link.
  • Registration with Admin Approval – Customize the Email letting the user know an Administrator needs to approve his account.
  • Admin Approval Notificaitons (on status change) – If you approve or unapproved an user, he’ll receive a notification email. Here you can customize them

To make this as simple as possible you can edit the WordPress Registration Emails using the default WordPress WYSIWYG Editor with access to image uploads and ALL of the fields a user creates on registration

Customise the email "Welcome" message

Admin Email Customizer

In a similar manner to the User Email Customizer, all admin notification emails can be customized.

Modify Admin notification email.

There are two emails an admin can receive with Profile Builder:

  • Default Registration Hide – When a new user registers
  • Registration with Admin Approval – If Admin Approval, a different email then the default one is received by the admin. This is to gently remind the admin he should approve the new user.

If you’re an existing client of Profile Builder Pro you’ll automatically get the new version via Automatic Updates or you can download the latest version via the Account Page.

Want to Customize your WordPress Registration Email?
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