Approve Users from Admin Email using Profile Builder

Approve User from Admin Email in WordPress

If your WordPress site enables front-end user registration with admin approval, the easiest way to approve users without logging in every time a new registration is made, is to do it directly from the admin email, by simply clicking a link.

Using Admin Approval in combination with Admin Email Customizer module from Profile Builder PRO, approving new users from email is really straight forward.

Admin Approval from backend

By default, when activated, the Admin Approval feature allows you to approve newly registered users by logging in the WordPress dashboard and going to Users -> All Users -> Admin Approval.

Profile Builder - Admin Approval Backend

While this approach works perfectly fine, it can be pretty time consuming to do over and over again, especially if you’re dealing with a significant number of new user registrations on a daily basis.

Approve Users from Admin Email

A more efficient approach, that will save time is to be able to approve new users directly from the admin email, by clicking a specifically formed approval link.
Approving users from admin email can be done is three easy steps.

1. Enable Admin Approval

After installing Profile Builder, under Profile Builder menu navigate to General Settings page and make sure “Admin Approval Activated” is set to “Yes“. You can also select which user roles will need to go through admin approval.

2. Activate Admin Email Customizer module

Next, under Profile Builder menu, go to Modules and make sure to activate Admin Email Customizer. This will allow you to customize the email an admin receives on a new registration and add the approval link to it.

Profile Builder - User Listing - Activate Module

3. Insert the approve user link in the admin email

Once activated, a new menu item called “Admin Email Customizer” will appear. By clicking it you’ll be able to customize all the specific admin emails. For this tutorial we need to customize the “Registration with Admin Approval” email.

After locating this box, you’ll notice in the right side a list of Available Tags that can be used inside the email content. In order to approve users from admin email we’ll use one of the two available tags: {{approve_url}}, {{{approve_link}}}. The first one will output the url which can be used to build an approval link, while the second one will output directly the clickable approval link.

After inserting one of the two tags in the email content, make sure to click “Save settings” and you’re done.

Now, every time a new user registers the admin will receive the notification email containing the approval link.

Once clicked the admin will see if the operation has been successful. If so, the new user will be approved, notified and able to log in to the website.

Approving users from admin email is a fast and convenient way to control your website user registrations, that is really easy to setup using Profile Builder.

To approve users from admin email you’ll need both Admin Approval and Email Customizer modules, available in the PRO version of Profile Builder.

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    1. Hello Tom,

      This can be done by going to your Dashboard -> Settings -> General and modify the Admin Email Address.


  1. Hi,
    When I clicking the approve link on the mail, it can approve the user, but the page is showing 500 error, how to fix it? Thank you!

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