Thematic PHP constants

With Thematic there are a couple of changes made to the way it works. One of those changes was the inclusion of a few constants, that based on their value lets you chose whether you want the default WordPress functionality or the more powerful (and complex) Thematic functionality. I’m talking here about whether you […]

WordPress user registration template and custom user profile fields

UPDATE This tutorial, while providing a good introduction to the concept, hasn’t been updated since it was written. The code from this tutorial has been removed due to bad formatting, however the download link still works and contains all code inside functions.php and the template files. To this end we’ve written a free plugin that […]

Thematic Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed widgets for Wordpress themes have been around since Wordpress it self. They are a perfect way to save on vertical space and add a bit of interaction with the users. There are two classic ways of implementing the tabbed widgets. Creating a hard coded widget and using the jQuery Cycle plugin. This means you […]

Exclude posts from WordPress Navigation in Thematic

Let’s say you have a certain category that you want to be displayed some place other than on your main blog page. No big deal, you just exclude your special category from the main index loop. Now, you’re probably also want to make some changes to the single post navigation, and make it so that […]

Create an “About the author” area for Thematic

By default, Thematic comes with a simple and useful representation for the Author Archives template. While this might be enough for the majority of users, there are times when we need more detailed information about the author. This is particularly useful on multi-author blogs, where readers might want to read more posts from a particular […]

Early Morning Child Theme

This elegant Wordpress theme was inspired by the colors of the early morning as I see them from my window. It’s light, elegant and pleasantly surprising. This theme doesn’t scream at you, instead it takes a step back and lets the user read. Please don’t spoil it by putting ads on it!

Add “Featured Posts” to your Thematic child theme

Featured posts are common in Wordpress magazine themes. They let you promote hot topics and bring your best articles right in front of your users. First thing we need to do is create a thematic child theme. This way we won’t make direct changes to Thematic. The featured posts will be inserted on the home […]