Commune Child Theme – Update

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 04/05/09

I’ve updated Commune Child Theme to version 0.2. This is just a bug fix release, most of them css related.

Thanks to everyone that submitted bugs through the comment form on the original Commune page.

9 thoughts on “Commune Child Theme – Update

    hi one more question, how can i slit the comments from the trackbacks, i want trackbacks only as links. (problem is they are counted but dont show up)


    Thanks for sharing your very nice theme with us for free. I really love it. I just have 3 concerns:
    1. The image as header feature is not working; I used the commune options page for this but to no avail.
    2. How can I add google ads to this child theme?
    3. I tried installing the tabbed widget but the options and followed your instructions but it is not working. Here’s what I did:
    – Went to Appearance > Tabbed Widgets > Inserted title to Tabbed Widget No 1.
    – Selected radio button tab 1 and chose from the drop down list (only items show in the drop down, how can I add more?)
    – Went to Appearance > Widgets and added the “TW:[selected drop down item] to Primary Aside

    Hope you could help me. Thanks



    1. You need 777 folder permissions on your wordpress upload dir (wp-content/uploads)

    2. Just copy paste the ads code inside one of your text widget and position it in any widget area you want.

    3. The tabbed widget doesn’t work for WordPress 2.8

    Hope you find this useful!


    Hi, I thought i’d report that item 1 still is not working but I found a way to get around it (replaced the entire header).
    I have a new concern though… how can i remove the easy peasy plugin?


    That’s not really a plugin… but if I’m right simply delete the index.php and categories.php inside the commune theme! The easy peasy will still be there but nothing will be displayed on your blogs front!

    Won’t that still leave the thumbnails showing up in the posts themselves? I am finding that if you insert a picture into a post, you get it in both both the original and the thumbnail versions… only true once since there is only the one thumbnail. But still, its strange looking to have the same image twice if you didn’t intend that.

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