All Child Themes got updated

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 17/11/10

While a bit late, we finally managed to get all Child Themes that are free for download updated to work with the latest Thematic (# Version:

Early Morning, Street and Byty now make use of the WordPress 3.0 menu system, while Commune now makes use of the Featured thumbnail image that comes with WordPress (no more category images that weren’t working anyway) and we updated the menu to work with wp_nav_menu just like the rest of the themes.

We have plans for some new Child Themes in the near future so please stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “All Child Themes got updated

    Just found your “early morning” child theme for Thematic. I have a question –
    I have chosen a Page to be a static front page and I’m using a wide width page template (no sidebar). I would like to remove the Page title from this front page but can not figure out how to do it.

    I was able to do it using the basic “sample child theme” provided by Thematic using this inserted into the functions file:

    function remove_postheader_posttitle($title) {
    if (is_front_page()) {
    return (”);
    } else {
    return ($title);
    add_filter(‘thematic_postheader_posttitle’, ‘remove_postheader_posttitle’);

    I tried inserting it into the functions file with “Early Morning” but it does not remove the page title. Obviously the functions in this file do something that overrides this.

    I am teaching myself how to modify wordpress themes and do not really know php – but I tend to learn by poking about until it works and reading what I can find about how things work. So I apologize for my perhaps naive question – but appreciate the help in advance!


    The simplest way to do it is using CSS to hide the page title for that page:

    .home .entry-title {display:none;}


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