How to Create a Membership Pricing Table in WordPress

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Last Updated: 10/02/21

Setting up a pricing table for your membership site is an efficient way to highlight each subscription plan’s features and make it easy for potential customers to compare the available options. A well thought membership pricing table can positively affect your site conversion rate.

You can easily highlight things like access to members-only store, a premium members forum or exclusive content.

Below we’ll go into the steps required to create a pricing table that shows each subscription plan options for your site.

Creating the Membership Plans

The main purpose of setting up pricing tables is to easily display information and the differences between each membership plan.

We’ll be using Paid Member Subscriptions, an easy to use membership plugin for creating the different membership levels. The main plugin is free and allows you to easily create subscription plans, restrict content and accept payments.

After installing and activating the plugin, we’ll go ahead an create 3 subscription plans: “Free”, “Silver” and “Gold”.

Create Subscription Plans

For each subscription plan, you’ll be able to set a price, duration as well as renewal type. After entering each subscription details, you’ll see an overview of all plans as well as their ids (we’ll be using these later).

Now that we have created the subscription plans, let’s proceed with creating a registration form. This is done simply by placing the [pms-register] shortcode inside a page.

It will output a registration form that allows users to purchase your subscription plans.

Membership plan register form

Setting up a Membership Pricing Table

Next, all that’s left is creating the pricing table for the existing subscription plans. We’ll be using a free pricing table plugin, Easy Pricing Tables. There are plenty of options, so feel free to choose the one you like.

After installing the plugin, under “Pricing Tables”, click “Add New”.

Membership Pricing Table Settings

Make sure to set up a column for each subscription plan and give it a proper name, price, description and feature set. The most important detail is the URL that is set for the sign-up button of each column.

Paid Member Subscriptions allows you to pre-select a subscription plan through an URL parameter.

In our case, let’s say the URL of the Register page (containing the register form created above) is:

If we want to pre-select the Gold subscription, the link to pre-select this plan would be:

Note: “63” is the ID of the “Gold” subscription plan which can be found under the “Subscription Plans” list in Paid Member Subscriptions admin menu.

In case you want the selected subscription plan to be the only one present on the Register form (and exclude the others), you can use a second URL parameter “single_plan=yes“.

The link would become:

Lastly, let’s create a page called “Pricing” and place the pricing table on it. By clicking the “Get Shortcode” button after entering the table details, you can copy and paste it inside the Pricing Page.

Pricing Table Shortcode

That’s it. If you navigate to the pricing page of your site, it will display a membership pricing table for your subscription plans that looks like this:

Membership Pricing Table

Now you can beautifully present each subscription plan details, allow potential subscribers to compare them as well as encourage them to sign up for a specific one.

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