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Troubleshooting guide

Are you having issues with your WordPress site? Then you can start by checking the steps in this troubleshooting guide.

Our recommendation would be to check this guide before opening a support ticket.

Check for outdated plugins

Having the latest version of plugins on your WordPress site is important for several reasons, including:

  1. Security: Plugin updates often include security patches to fix vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.
  2. New Features: Plugin updates can also add new features or functionality that can enhance your website’s capabilities.
  3. Compatibility: As WordPress core and other plugins are also frequently updated, using outdated plugins can lead to compatibility issues that can break your site.
  4. Bug Fixes: Plugins can also contain bugs that can cause issues on your website, such as broken functionality or compatibility issues. Upgrading to the latest version can help fix these issues and ensure that your website runs smoothly.

Overall, keeping your plugins up-to-date is essential for the security, functionality, and overall health of your WordPress site. It can help improve your ability to manage your site, customize your pages, and provide a better experience for your visitors.

To update the plugins to the latest version go to your site’s Dashboard ➝ Pluings ➝ Installed Plugins ➝ and update the plugins that are out of date.

Conflict with plugins or themes

Theme and plugin conflicts occur when compatibility issues between a WordPress theme and a plugin result in errors, broken functionality, missing content, or website crashes. A theme conflict occurs when a WordPress theme’s code conflicts with the code of a plugin, causing errors or unexpected behavior. A plugin conflict, on the other hand, occurs if the plugins use the same functions or resources, or if one plugin modifies a core WordPress feature that another plugin relies on.

You can check here the necessary steps for performing a conflict test.

Fatal error

If you receive a fatal error on your site and you’re not able to access the WordPress Dashboard anymore please follow the step from here in order to gain back access to your site. To find more information about the error you are receiving please check the documentation page from here.

Internal Server Error

A common error in WordPress is a 500 Internal Server Error (or sometimes a white page or “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”). If you are receiving this error please check this documentation page.

Additional information regarding our plugins

From where to download the latest version

To download the Free version of our plugins, you can do that from our plugins page:

And to download the latest version of our paid versions, you can do that directly from your Cozmoslabs account.


Our Documentation offers a detailed explanation of what can be achieved with our plugins and add-ons.

For Paid Member Subscriptions you can find the documentation here and for Profile Builder, you can find the documentation here

Asking for Support

You can always open a Support ticket here in case you have questions about our products or you want to report a bug/issue you found in our plugins.

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