Woocommerce events plugins

10 Best WooCommerce Events Plugins for Hassle-Free Event Management

Are you looking for an easy way to manage paid events for your business? Use a WooCommerce events plugin. Dedicated event management plugins make it easy to set up online events and effectively manage registrations, bookings, ticketing, and attendees for your events. However, with so many plugins and tools available, deciding on the right one […]

Contact form 7 alternative

A More Complete Alternative to Contact Form 7 for User Forms

Are you looking to set up custom user forms on your WordPress site? One of the most popular plugins for creating custom forms in WordPress is Contact Form 7. It’s free to use and lets you create custom user forms for your WordPress site. However, it’s not very intuitive and isn’t designed for new WordPress […]

Best Ways to Increase Membership and Boost Subscribers on a Membership Site

Are you looking for a way to increase your membership site sign-up rate and boost subscribers? There are many ways business owners can grow their membership site business and maximize the revenue generated. The most effective way to do this is by encouraging more users to sign-up for a paid membership plan. This is not […]

How to Use Member Directory Templates to Create a User Directory

Member directory templates make it easy for you to display a massive amount of information on your WordPress site in a well-ordered, beautiful way. The function of a user listing directory is to manage your online database (e.g. staff, the businesses in your network, topic specialists, or anything in between). Member directories (user listings) provide […]

Subscription Cancellation Survey Questions and Best Practices

Looking for a way to get valuable feedback from users who cancel their subscriptions? Create a subscription cancellation survey with useful questions. Creating a subscription cancellation survey is important for getting the most out of users who don’t want to continue their subscriptions. This can help you improve your subscription plans or membership content.

How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Membership Site

Are you looking for a way to grow your membership site? How about creating a membership affiliate program? An affiliate program lets existing members promote your membership site for you in exchange for a small reward. This not only helps you attract more members to your membership program but is a great way to enhance […]

Create a WordPress Business Directory (Best Plugins & Tutorial)

Regardless of whether you want to create a fully-fledged WordPress business directory or make it a part of your overall site, a business directory WordPress plugin would do the job for you. While some plugins are specifically designed to just create a business directory, others can offer a much wider range of functionalities that would […]

WordPress User Roles Not Working

WordPress User Roles Not Working? Here’s how to fix this problem

If you’re having trouble with some of your WordPress user roles not working as intended, this guide is all that you will need to fix all issues. We will first look at some of the common issues related to WordPress user roles and then present a single solution in the form of a WordPress user […]

How to Create a WordPress Registration Form with Payment Options (Stripe, PayPal, and Others)

Creating a WordPress registration form with payment options can be quite intimidating even for a developer. However, WordPress makes it surprisingly easy thanks to all the payment plugins it offers. So this post will guide you on exactly that – creating a WordPress registration form with payment options from scratch using a highly-rated membership and […]