The Road to 1 Million Downloads

During this week, we slowed down a little bit and took some time to celebrate the moment when Profile Builder, our WordPress profile plugin, reached 1 million free downloads. It’s time to celebrate together! – A million thank you! To say the least, we are pretty excited to reach this milestone. And it’s all thanks […]

How to Market a Software Product: 10 Tactics to Market WordPress Products

If you are a business owner with a technical hat, then it’s most likely that you have spent some hours coding and building your product and close to none on WordPress marketing. But in order for your product to actually get to meet its customers, you’ll also have to learn how to market your software […]


Morning Routines of 11 Successful WordPress Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur and owning a business can require a high level of self-discipline, especially when you are the “Rocket Commander” within your company and the one responsible for making sure things go smooth. Usually, the way you start the day will generally determine the type of the day you will have, and I think […]