WordPress Social Login – A Case for Better User Engagement

Enabling WordPress Social Login can easily increase the user engagement with your website. And it all has to do with users forgetting their password.

Apparently, there’s a thing called “password fatigue” and your website might be suffering from it. It’s one of the main cases for activating WordPress social login.

Any site that requires users to log in and register also asks users for a password. And there are two main issues with this:

  • The user either uses a weak password, increasing his chances to have his account hacked
  • You force a strong password on registration, which most users will forget ( was it “iloveyou2015” or “qwerty2016” )

How Passwords Impact the User Engagement

Anything that requires passwords, asks a bit more involvement from the end user.

There is definitely more work for the user to:

  • Come up with a username/password combination
  • Remember the username/password when he visits the websites later on
  • Has to reset his password if he forgot it or it’s username

So at the end of the day, your users will either stop visiting your website or provide fake and insecure information that’s not relevant to your site.

When to use WordPress Social Login

There are various cases when using WordPress social login makes sense, some that come quickly to mind are:

  • Allow only logged in users to comment, but without the hustle of registering a new account
  • Encourage a forum participation by making it easy to log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn
  • Offer bonus content to logged in users, without having to fill in a big registration form
  • Gather relevant social information when users register with one of the social login providers

Users want a fast and easy way to register and log in on a website, without having to worry about remembering yet another username/password combination. The easiest way to do this is with login information from social networks.

How to add Social Login on your WordPress site

Profile Builder Pro - Social Connect - Banner

Social Connect is a new Addon for Profile Builder. It allows you to easily setup WordPress social login on Default WordPress Forms or on the registration and login forms that are provided by Profile Builder.

1. Create a social login app

The very first step to setting up WordPress social login is to create an application for each individual social network.

This is also the hardest part of the setup, as each individual social network has a different and a convoluted setup. That’s why we’ve taken great care in documenting the entire process for you to the best of our ability:

2. Enter the social API keys for each network

You can choose what social networks to enable on your site, that users can register/log in with.

WordPress Social Login - A Case for Better User Engagement - Application Settings

3. Chose where the WordPress Social Login buttons appear

While normally you want the buttons to appear on your login form, there’s a good idea to have them available in the registration form as well.

You can enable Social Login on WordPress Default or Profile Builder Forms.

Profile Builder Pro - Social Connect - General Settings

There’s also control over individual registration and edit profile forms when using the multiple forms modules, so you can have different forms with different information displayed on them.

4. Allow existing users to connect with one of the social networks

If you activate the Social Connect Add-on and you already have registered users, by adding the social connect buttons on the Edit Profile page it’s easy for them to keep the same username and just connect Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn to their account.

This way, at a future time, they can use the WordPress social login functionality and all their information will still be there.

6. Setup the look and feel of the buttons


Not every site is the same and having the flexibility to choose how the WordPress social login buttons are styled is important.

You can choose:

  • The order of the buttons
  • Where they are positioned
  • Whether to use big or small buttons
  • The labels when using big buttons
  • The heading above the buttons

And for developers, you can choose to disable the default CSS entirely so you can style the buttons in any way you want to.

Your users want social login

By providing WordPress social login you’re making it easier for your users to interact and engage with your site. This relates to an increase in sign-ups, better retention since they don’t have to remember their username/password combination and of course authentic data like name and email.

So give Social Connect Addon for Profile Builder a try and make it easier for your users to log in and register on your WordPress site.

Note – For Social Connect Add-on to work as expected, you’ll also need to have the following plugin installed and activated on your site:

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3 thoughts on “WordPress Social Login – A Case for Better User Engagement

    1. There is a solution for this and we’ve considered this case when we developed the Social Connect addon for Profile Builder.

      Basically, Facebook and Google both provide the user’s email address when loggin in (twitter doesn’t). So if you log in with facebook and then with Google and you have the same email address in both social networks, you’re asked to “merge” the two accounts.

      Also, there is support for connecting to a social network AFTER creating a normal account.

      Obviously no solution is ever perfect, however, there are ways to mitigate.

      Finally, there is support for login with email, meaning you can login with the email from Facebook or Google, HOWEVER, you have to reset your password or update your password from the edit profile form after connecting with these two social networks.

      Twitter is a bit different since it doesn’t provide the user’s email, however we’re asking for it at various stages of the social login depending of the case.

      I don’t believe any solution will ever be 100% bullet proof, but as long there’s a way around these issues for most of the users, it’s better then just social login or just standard login.

  1. Hi,

    Social Connect is great for my member’s only site, as many of our members are constantly suffering from password fatigue.

    Is there any way to prevent Social Connect from creating new accounts? I want to limit it to just members who already have an account – we collect some mandatory information upon registration, and Social Connect appears to be by pass the need for this (the “deadly embrace” from the previous comment).

    Ideally I want Social Connect to only work with existing accounts on WordPress, and not create new ones.

    Is this possible?

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