Admin Approval on Edit Profile fields with Profile Builder

We are happy to announce the release of the Edit Profile Approved by Admin Add-on for Profile Builder. The Add-on extends the functionality of Profile Builder by enabling admin approval on edit profile fields. Until the fields have been approved the old values will be displayed for everyone else.

The functionality of the add-on has multiple use cases, some of them would be:
– be sure that users don’t change fields in their profile, that show up on your site, to improper words
– review the email address of the user before it is changed
– monitor changes of your user profiles
– approve avatar image changes

Setting up Admin Approval on Edit Profile fields

After we activate the Edit Profile Approved by Admin Add-on we will see new options for our Fields:

You can simply activate admin approval on a field by clicking the “Requires Admin Approval on Edit Profile” checkbox.

Fields that have “Requires Admin Approval on Edit Profile” enabled will have a check mark on the field list next to them.

How it works on the front-end

After a user updates his profile and if fields that require admin approval have been modified, those fields will be marked accordingly (yellow background and a description) and also will be notified at the top of the form.

Administrators have a couple of extra options on the edit profile forms, after activating the addon, that will allow them to filter users that require approval and approve individual fields.

Notification Emails

* The administrator of the site will receive a notification email when a user has updated his profile and has modified at least one field that requires approval.
* The user will receive a notification email after an admin has reviewed his profile and clicked the “Finish Review and Send Notifications”


For more details on how to install the add-on or it’s functionality please visit the documentation page

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