Profile Builder 2.0 is Coming! Sneak peak at New Features & Enhancements

Profile Builder is about to get even better. The past couple of months we’ve been working hard to improve and extend its functionality.

Most of the architecture and UI of the plugin has been rebuilt from scratch for increased usability, focusing on the most essential tasks you would need from an all in one user registration and management plugin.

Since the official release is approaching soon, we thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of the new things in Profile Builder 2.0.

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New improvements in WCK 2.0.5 and Profile Builder 1.3.23

We’ve just released an update for both WordPress Creation Kit and Profile Builder plugins. This update adds a couple of improvements and bug fixes listed below.

WCK 2.0.5


Upload Field now uses the Media Manager added in WP 3.5

WCK 2.0.5 release was focused on improving the upload field as well as fixing the bugs reported by our users.

Now uploading media files via the Upload Field from the back-end or front-end (using WCK Front End Posting) of your WordPress sites will be really straight forward.


  • Upload Field now uses the media manager added in WP 3.5
  • Added progress icon on forms in WCK Front End Posting
  • Now we prevent “Meta Field” and “Field Title” to be named “content” or “action” in Custom Fields Creator to prevent conflicts with existing WordPress Fields


  • Fixed bug in Front End Posting where a filter for posts_where wasn’t removed correctly
  • Fixed bug in Custom Fields Creator that didn’t display “0” values
  • Fixed bug in Front End Posting that didn’t display the right values if the Taxonomy had the label “Categories” (regardless of it’s slug). Now it won’t list the default Categories in WP.

Profile Builder 1.3.23


Profile Builder 1.3.23 is a minor update focused on improving the Admin Approval performance when dealing with large number of users.

We also fixed existing bugs related to the hidden input field and “Remember me” checkbox that wasn’t displaying correctly on the Login page.


  • Improved Admin Approval performance for large number of users
  • Fixed hidden input field on front-end
  • Fixed “Remember me” checkbox on the Login page

*The latest versions of WCK and PB will be available via automatic updates or you can download them from your account page.

If you’re new to Profile Builder or WordPress Creation Kit, there is a fully functional FREE version you can play with to get a feel of how they can help with your next WordPress project.

Eliminate User Registration Spam from your WordPress Membership Site with Profile Builder

User Registration Spam is becoming an important concern for many of the WordPress membership site owners. If your WordPress site is set to allow user registration, then it’s probably vulnerable to user registration spam from spam-bots.

Enable WordPress User Registration

But, as we all know, user registration is a must have for any community or membership website. It’s what keeps the site alive and kicking and can also be an important source of revenue.
That’s why shutting down WordPress user registration is not an option for these types of sites.
But if you ever had to go through all the stress of deleting tens or even hundreds of users every day, you probably know that keeping your user list clean can be a big pain.

We built Profile Builder because we were convinced that WordPress user registration can be done better. Profile Builder, or “WordPress Registration Done Right” as we like to call it, is a plugin meant to pimp your site’s user registration by adding front-end registration, profile and login forms.

Since spam was also a recurring problem amongst Profile Builder’s users, we built into the plugin some cool features that will help you get rid of Spam once and for all.

Here are four features from Profile Builder PRO that will help you kiss Spam goodbye:

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Fixed and Improved WordPress User Listing

We have some good news for our WordPress User Listing feature from Profile Builder Pro!

Yes, as the title says it, we have fixed quite a few bugs on the WordPress User Listing feature.

Thanks to you, we received lots of feedback and there were a lot of edge case scenarios that broke the functionality.  This feature was rebuilt from scratch, now being a lot more stable and working as it was supposed to.

To get access to the latest Profile Builder Pro version please visit your account page, or wait top 12 hours for the automatic update to arrive to your WordPress installation.

As you know, this feature was created for you to ease the process of listing your registered users, and customize that list by your own preferences.

Writing your own html code for the front-end WordPress user listing design, can be done in the back-end, where you have two text areas to be completed: the one for the “all-userlisting’, and the one for the ‘single-userlisting’.


The User Listing feature allows you to list users with only certain roles, to list users only with a certain meta-field/meta-value combination, to list only users who want their profile to be viewable by others or to list any a combination of the last three mentioned.

That’s pretty much of it, if you have any problem, or any other suggestion, please let us now, by asking in the forum section, or send an email to our colleague gabriel[at]

WordPress Login and Registration with Email

Do you have users that would like to Log In and Register into your WordPress site by email? Knowing what a hurdle can be reminding a username, Profile Builder comes with a new feature to fix that issue.

Reckoning that an email address is unique and more personal than just a random user name and since we all want happy users, as owner of your WordPress site, you can make it easier for your users to Log In and register , by enabling this feature on your site.

To activate the Log In with email feature of the Profile Builder, you just have to download,install and activate the plugin, if you don’t already have it.

As admin of your WordPress site, you have to enter the Dashboard menu, and select the Users field, and the Profile Builder subfield.

Now just go to the ‘General Settings’ field and all you have to do is to select from the tab the ‘Allow Users to Log In with email” choice.

login with email

And that’s it. What’s left is letting your users be aware of the availability of the new option.

If it happens for you to be  an existing client of Profile Builder Pro you’ll automatically have access to the new feature via Automatic Updates or you can download the latest version via the Account Page.

WordPress Email Confirmation for New Users

WordPress Email Confirmation for new users has been around in Profile Builder for quite some time, however something was missing from it.

What do I do if the confirmation email doesn’t send? Is there a way to force activate it?

Since new users that didn’t approve their emails are stored in the wp_signups database table, they don’t appear in All Users section. That’s how WordPress Email Confirmation works.

That turns into a problem when:

  • the user deletes the WordPress confirmation email before activating his account
  • the confirmation email end up in the spam folder
  • the email doesn’t get sent at all due to a server error

When the above happens, there are three problems that appear:

  • the user can’t approve his account
  • the user can’t try to register again with the same email or user name (since WordPress is still waiting for the previous account to approve his registration)
  • the admin can only delete the un-confirmed email from the database and can’t manually approve the account

Imagine having the possibility to manually approve users or delete fake accounts from wp_signups table

WordPress Email Confirmation

Starting with version 1.3.4 of Profile Builder (Pro and Hobbyist versions), the WordPress Email Confirmation just got better by giving you the possibility, as an admin, to manually approve or delete users that haven’t confirmed their email addresses directly from the WordPress backend.

To do so, just go to Users -> All Users and click the “Users with Unconfirmed Email Address” link. That’s it folks!

WordPress Registration Email – Customize with Profile Builder Pro

Trying to customize the WordPress Registration Email normally means copy pasting a custom php function and then modifying it to fit your project.

But what often happens is that you’re not sure how to implement this because you’re not a developer and you’re not sure how to use the filters that are setup in place.

Now imagine that you can customize the:

  • WordPress Registration Email
  • The email sender and body text with the info from the fields on the registration form
  • Override the from address so that it is the name of the business
  • Customize the Admin Email sent when a new users is registered

All that and more is possible with two new addons for Profile Builder Pro 1.3.0.

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Login Widget and reCapcha support in Profile Builder

Even though there have been quite a lot of updates in the last few weeks, it’s been quite a while since there was a post about them; so this article will describe all the changes up to version 1.1.50 of Profile Builder.

The Login Widget

Since users always requested a more versatile login form, which they could add in the widget area – even though there was the possibility to add the login shortcode in a text-widget -, we added a new “feature”, a login widget, entitled Profile Builder Login Widget

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WordPress User Approval, now available for Profile Builder Pro

It is finally time to present version 1.1.40 of Profile Builder Pro with a new and awesome feature: WordPress User Approval by Admins.

We’ve always tried to add features that lets you manage your users, fight spam and build local profiles for your users with ease.

What this feature does is add a new option next to each user’s management options: besides the possibility to edit or delete the given user, now an administrator can also approve or unapprove a user.

WordPress User Approval

By default, this feature comes turned off. To activate it, go to the “General Settings” tab, and enable this feature by selecting “Yes” right besides the text “Admin Approval” Feature Activated.

Once this is done, the default WP userlisting table should have a new option for every user who has administrator privileges, 2 new menus (which you can use to filter only the “approved” or only the “unapproved” users) and also a new column.

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Profile Builder version 1.1.21: fully customizable userlisting!

It’s been quite a while since we released a new version, but this is due to the complexity of the new feature this version of Profile Builder comes with: a fully customizable userlisting.

For those who just met up with WordPress, Profile Builder is WordPress registration done right; it lets you customize your website by adding a front-end menu for all your users, giving them a more flexible way to modify their user-information or to register new users.

Besides the new features and functionalities I will describe later on, we also added some minor bugfixes, and improved the query times a lot!

So what is userlisting, and what can it do?

Listing registered users to your blog/site has never been easier: to create a page containing a userlisting, insert the following shortcode in a (blank) page: [wppb-list-users].

For instance, to create a userlisting shortcode listing only the editors and authors, visible to only the users currently logged in, you would use:
[wppb-list-users visibility=”restricted” roles=”editor,author”].

The back-end has two textareas which lets you write your own html code for the front-end userlisting design: one for the “all-userlisting”, and one for the “single-userlisting”. Using the added, built-in extra functions, you can create a personalized userlisting easily.
Don’t have any ideas or coding knowledge? No problem! – we added html codes for a default userlisting for just such cases.

For more info regarding this, please visit the description page of this feature.

All in all we hope you take benefit of this cool new feature, and as always, if you have any ideas on improving this feature (or any other part of the plugin), or just want to report a bug, either ask about in the forum section, or write an email to [email protected].