Profile Builder Pro is WordPress Registration Done Right

Let’s face it. WordPress default registration process is no good. Hard to customize, hard to integrate it in your theme and not that user friendly. Profile Builder Pro is WordPress Registration Done Right Super easy to customize. Chose from the default styling it comes with or just add css to your theme and you’re done. […]

Extending the admin post filtering

We have a brand new plugin for all you WordPress maniacs out there. Now you can filter your posts in all imaginable ways, even by custom taxonomies! Download it via the official WordPress plugins repository. Filter the admin post listing by: authors tags custom taxonomies that you have declared

Members: WordPress Plugin by Justin Tadlock

Justin Tadlock has done it again. This time he released to the Wordpress community a user, role, and content management plugin called Members. Its purpose is to make WordPress a more powerful CMS by giving you fine-grain control over the users of your site. So what does this plugin do: Edit Roles: Edit your user […]