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WordPress pieces of code of the month

I found two pieces of code for WordPress that might come in handy from time to time. Custom Post Types pagination for the homepage It appears there’s a bug in WP 3.0 with the pagination on the homepage for custom post types. When we create an archive page for a custom post type we make […]

Detect if javascript is enabled in php and remove the TypeKit flicker

Experimenting with TypeKit I found the flicker really annoying. It dose feature loading events that add .wf-loading, .wf-active and .wf-inactive classes to the HTML tag but there still is at least a one second delay before they get appended so you still see the page with the flicker if you want to hide the content […]

The new Smarter and WordPress 3.0

As you all know, Wordpress has made the 3.0 transition, which brings the long-awaited merge of MU and Wordpress and a lot of new features to the table. Trying to keep up with the goodies we developed a new version of Smarter, which runs smooth on 3.0 and takes advantage of the new feature list. […]

Charisma, Free Genesis Child Theme

Charisma is a free Genesis child theme that will work perfectly for your Wordpress personal blog. When I started designing Charisma I had in mind an elegant, simple, well structured theme which highlights the content and gives the user a pleasurable reading experience.

Thematic Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed widgets for Wordpress themes have been around since Wordpress it self. They are a perfect way to save on vertical space and add a bit of interaction with the users. There are two classic ways of implementing the tabbed widgets. Creating a hard coded widget and using the jQuery Cycle plugin. This means you […]

Exclude posts from WordPress Navigation in Thematic

Let’s say you have a certain category that you want to be displayed some place other than on your main blog page. No big deal, you just exclude your special category from the main index loop. Now, you’re probably also want to make some changes to the single post navigation, and make it so that […]