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Paid Member Subscriptions Add-on

PayPal Express

This add-on lets you accept payments from your members via PayPal Express Checkout.

Key Features

  • When using PayPal Express, the user experience is very similar to PayPal Standard, plus it adds a layer of extra security
  • Both gateways allow you to accept one-time as well as recurring payments from your members
  • PayPal Express Checkout allows Payments with Sign-up Fees and Free Trials

Information & Requirements

Do I need an SSL certificate?

If you’re using PayPal Express Checkout to process payments, you must have an SSL certificate installed on your site. See our documentation for how to add an SSL certificate to your WordPress site.

Which countries does this extension support?

PayPal Product* Countries where product is available
PayPal Payments Standard All countries. Paid Member Subscriptions Free version comes with PayPal Standard built
PayPal Express Checkout All countries

* PayPal Product Availability – Check other PayPal products availability or refer to PayPal offerings worldwide and visit your country-specific site to learn which products are available in your country

* PayPal Merchant Status – Check PayPal Planned Downtime

Get Access with Paid Member Subscriptions

Included in: Agency, Pro

Paid Member Subscriptions offers everything you need to create a sleek and robust user experience.

This add-on also requires: PayPal Business AccountSSL Certificate
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Take A Look Inside

Register Page with PayPal Express Confirm payment from PayPal Express Login page from PayPal when PayPal Express is used API credentials for PayPal Express


Find out more by reading this documentation for this add-on.


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