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Razvan Mocanu
Last Updated: 11/12/17

Sending newsletters is now easier with the new MailPoet Integration Add-on. This Profile Builder Add-on allows your users to subscribe to your newsletters lists created with the MailPoet Newsletters plugin.

Let’s walk through the configuration steps.

Installing the plugins

Since this is an integration add-on, you will need to install both Profile Builder and MailPoet Newsletters plugins, in order to make MailPoet Integration Add-on to work.

Note: The Mailpoet Add-on is compatible with both MailPoet version 3 and the old MailPoet version 2.

Adding the MailPoet Subscribe checkbox to the form

Adding the MailPoet Subscribe field to the Profile Builder form is made from the Profile Builder -> Manage fields tab.


Here you need to select a list from your already configured MailPoet lists, so that users can choose to subscribe to that specific list.

You can add an appropriate field title, decide whether to be checked by default and also whether to display on Edit Profile forms. When you are done click Add Field.


Resulted front-end form

Let’s see how it looks on the Registration form. I have added two MailPoet Subscribe fields allowing users to choose between two different lists to subscribe to.

You can see the two fields at the bottom of the form. Notice that the “Subscribe to daily newsletter” checkbox is ticked by default, as I have set it up earlier.

The MailPoet Subscribe fields can be placed on Edit Profile forms too, allowing users to subscribe to new lists or unsubscribe from existing ones.

Ready to subscribe new users

Now you can let users choose from different newsletter lists you set up from MailPoet Newsletter. Get the add-on now by following the link below.

Get Profile Builder – MailPoet Integration Add-On


5 thoughts on “MailPoet for Profile Builder

    One question – Mailpoet is in the midst of a (much needed) upgrade to a 3.0 release. Will this plugin work with the new release?


    Hello Andrew,
    I will contact MailPoet authors to get my hands on the new, yet unreleased, 3.0 version so I can test it out. I’ll make sure there are no compatibility issues.


    I think 3.0 is supposed to release in a few weeks. The beta has been stable for some time. Let me know if you’d like us to test something for you. Thanks.


    Thank you for your offer. We will perform the needed updates to our add-on soon and let you know about it.


    Hello Andrew,
    I just wanted to let you know that we have updated the Profile Builder MailPoet Add-on to support MailPoet 3.


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