Replace form labels with placeholders using Placeholder Labels Add-On for Profile Builder


Placeholder Labels Add-On hides all Profile Builder form labels and adds for each form field a placeholder with the title of the field.

This can help you reduce clutter on the page, or shorten the length of your forms.

Note: Requires at least Profile Builder 2.1.9, free or premium.

Version 1.2 released:
Fixed compatibility with PB add-ons and problems with some form fields.

Version 2.0 released:
Added a Meta Box on back-end of each form from Multiple Registration and Edit-Profile Forms to select on which form to be active.


Version 2.1 released:
Added support for Login Forms and Widget.


Replace form labels with placeholders

Add placeholders only to input and textarea fields, but hide the labels of all fields.


Support for RTL (right-to-left) languages

This add-on will work on all RTL languages.



This add-on will hide all labels, it will not remove them.

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14 thoughts on “Replace form labels with placeholders using Placeholder Labels Add-On for Profile Builder

    1. Hello,

      If I understood your question, you just need to activate this plugin and it will do the rest.

      It will hide Profile Builder form labels and place them like placeholders.

      Have a nice day!

  1. bug with wp 4.3:

    “Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wppb_multipleRegistrationForms’ in C:\Users\Username\Documents\Websites\\wp-content\plugins\pb-add-on-placeholder-labels\pbpl.php on line 191”

    1. Hello,

      We can’t replicate your bug, please tell us in what circumstances do you get this warning.

      Have you updated Profile Builder?

      1. Same error here:

        Warning: Illegal string offset ‘wppb_multipleRegistrationForms’ in …/plugins/pb-add-on-placeholder-labels/pbpl.php on line 199

        1. Same error here.

          Profile builder was updated to the latest version (2.3.1) but still the same error.

          I corrected it by editing the line 199 at pbpl.php file and adding isset check as follows:

          if( (isset($pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleRegistrationForms’]) && $pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleRegistrationForms’] != ‘not_found’ && $pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleRegistrationForms’] == ‘show’ ) || ( isset($pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleEditProfileForms’]) && $pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleEditProfileForms’] != ‘not_found’ && $pbpl_pb_moduleSettings[‘wppb_multipleEditProfileForms’] == ‘show’ ) )

        2. Hello,

          We will fix this bug and push an update Monday, sorry for this inconvenience.

          Best regards,

  2. Hey,
    works fine for “edit-profile” and “registration” forms, but what about the “login” formular? There is no effect on this at all. Any reason for that bug?

    WP Version: 3.4
    PB (Pro) Version: 2.2.2

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