WordPress Creation Kit 2.0.6 and WordPress 3.9

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 18/04/14

Due to an overconfidence on our part regarding WordPress updates and compatibility issues with our plugins, we failed to test WordPress Creation Kit 2.0.5 with WordPress 3.9 before the official launch of WordPress 3.9.

We are sorry. We should have known better and we will make a habit out of testing our plugins with future versions of WordPress before they are released.


Since WP 3.9 updated TinyMCE to the latest version (v.4) and our WYSIWYG editor was still using v.3, trying to initiate the two together causes JavaScript errors and the WordPress Editor and our own WYSIWYG Editor stopped working.

Also, due to the way WordPress loads TinyMCE v.4, we’re not able to use it any longer for our own WYSIWYG editor (the main reasons it took us a full day to issue the update). That is the reason why from version WCK 2.0.6 we’ve switched to CKEditor for the WCK WYSIWYG editor.

You can download the latest version of WordPress Creation Kit from:

  • wordpress.org
  • Your Account page
  • Or wait for an automatic update to be available for both the Free or the Pro, Hobbyist & Lifetime versions

3 thoughts on “WordPress Creation Kit 2.0.6 and WordPress 3.9


    I updated my site WP to WordPress 3.9 and the plugin WCK 2.0.6 (PRO). But the WYSIWYG editor is not working.
    I created a new WCK Post Type called “Product” and then a new WCK Meta Box “productArgs” with a field “text_description” which field type is “wysiwyg editor” and when I use this field does not display while editing the post, the label does. ¿Could you help me?



    i just got this issue WordPress 4.0
    load failed for js/tinymce/plugins/wp fullscreen/plugin.min.js
    what should i do?


    Our latest version of WordPress Creation Kit doesn’t use Tinymce any more. We’re now using CKEditor (technically it’s almost impossible to use Tinymce for our metaboxes wysiwyg fields.)


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