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Launch your WordPress membership site, online course, or paid community, increase conversions, and generate subscription revenue with one flexible and seamless solution.

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This is the best Membership Plugin for me by far. Pretty straight forward to use, even if you're a beginner. It’s user friendly and not too difficult to work out.
I’ve tried many other plugins of this kind, which have either been too confusing or too over priced. It also has some of the best features that can be used for free, that other plugins will just have as a paid addons. Like the ones you really need for it to be functional.
Thanks very much Cozmoslabs!
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on Paid Member Subscriptions

Experience Hassle-Free Membership Monetization with Our Streamlined Solution

Premium access and exclusive perks for members create a paid community that generates revenue through membership fees or subscription plans.

Paid Membership Services

Offer your services to members only, creating a community of people that appreciate your work.

Courses, Coaching, and Consultancy

Offer different types of online courses, coaching programs, and consultancy plans to your members.

WordPress membership payment page preview

Unlock Automated Revenue Generation While You Focus on Content Creation

Generate consistent revenue for your website while you focus on
consistently creating valuable content for your members.

Content Restriction

Restrict access to your text and video content on news sites, blogs, and content hubs for members only.


Restrict access to your WooCommerce products and create members-only eCommerce stores.

WordPress membership plans and user account pages preview

Experience the Perfect Blend of Community Building and Monetization

Offer your community members increased exposure and networking opportunities that can provide you with a valuable revenue stream.

Business & Member Directories

Connect people with different types of contractors, service providers, and employers.

Associations, Clubs, and Communities

Create an online hub for your members to meet, discuss, and connect with each other.

WordPress members directory and registration pages preview

Launch your membership site, online course, or community in minutes.

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Launch Your Subscription Business In Minutes and Start Earning

Restrict Your WooCommerce Store

Restrict product viewing and purchasing, and offer special prices to members only.

Protect Your Content

Restrict access to your pages, posts, forums, or custom post types (courses) behind a paywall.

Content Dripping

Automatically drip content to new members and schedule posts to go live later.

Recurring Payments

Generate recurring revenue by setting up recurring payments for any subscription.

Group Memberships

Set up group memberships, corporate memberships, and umbrella memberships.

Multiple Payment Methods

One-time payments, free or paid trials, pay-what-you-want, multiple subscriptions, etc.

Upgrades and Proration

Give members the option of upgrading their subscription plan, pro-rated or not.

Marketing Tools

Discount codes, email reminders, and much more to help you market your memberships.

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3rd-Party Integrations


Customers Love Our Products & Customer Support

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Simple to use and very efficient. I have been using into many websites, for many years, to restrict access and redirect not authorized users. This is a simple functionality, but very important and the plugin is simple and easy to install and configure my pages to attend my security needs.
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on Paid Member Subscriptions
Love it. I have between 4000 and 5000 users on my site currently. The bulk of them are in groups. I have three group membership levels, three individual levels, and trial memberships. It’s been easy to use, support has always been there, and they even implemented a simple change at my recommendation for one of the updates.
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on Paid Member Subscriptions
The best solution I found to feed the need of one of my website: All the basic memebership end restrict content + pay as you whant + fixed ending date memebrship + many others features. I love also labels editing. Support is great.
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Marc Saffar
on Paid Member Subscriptions
The plugin is easy to use and the customer service is very responsive. If you’re unable to see your answer in the documentation, definitely contact their support team. They don’t take long to respond and are happy to help. Thanks very much Cozmoslabs!
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on Paid Member Subscriptions

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For beginners and solo creators.

€99 / year
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  • Use on 1 site
  • Paid & Free Subscriptions
  • Restrict Content
  • Email Customization
  • Discount Codes
  • Payments Management
  • PayPal Standard
  • Stripe Premium
  • Recurring Payments
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 7 Advanced Addons
  • Global Content Restriction
  • LearnDash
  • Email Reminders
  • Navigation Menu Filtering
  • bbPress
  • Fixed Period Membership
  • Pay What You Want
  • 1 Yr. Updates & Support
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For professionals and experts.

€299 / year
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  • Use on Unlimited sites
  • Everything in Basic plan, plus:
  • 8 Pro Addons
  • Pro-rate
  • Tax & EU VAT
  • Group Memberships
  • PayPal Express
  • Invoices
  • Content Dripping
  • Multiple Subscriptions / User
  • Files Restriction
  • 7 Advanced Addons
  • Global Content Restriction
  • LearnDash
  • Email Reminders
  • Navigation Menu Filtering
  • bbPress
  • Fixed Period Membership
  • Pay What You Want
  • 1 Yr. Updates & Priority Support
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100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve got your back. If for any reason you’re not completely happy with the plugin, simply reach out and ask for a full refund over the next 15 days. No questions asked.


Adrian Spiac

CEO, Cozmoslabs

All plugin licenses are billed yearly on auto-renewal.
You may upgrade or cancel at any time.
Upgrade to the Ultimate Membership Bundle for €259 (25% OFF)

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Paid & Free Subscriptions
Add basic registration forms where members can sign-up for a subscription plan using the PMS Register block or shortcode.
Account Management
Allow members to edit their account information and manage their subscription plans using the PMS Account block or shortcode.
Restrict Content
Restrict content based on subscription plans or logged in status using the Content Restriction feature.
Gives you the ability to restrict:
• posts and pages
• custom post types
• WooCommerce products and Shop page
• bbPress forums and topics
Through different types of restrictions:
• message
• redirect
• template
• [pms-restrict] shortcode
Easy Login
Allow members to login usingthe PMS Login block or shortcode.
Member Management
Overview of all your members, their subscription plans, and membership levels. Easily add/remove members or edit their subscription details.
Subscription Management
Create hierarchical subscription plans allowing your members to upgrade from an existing subscription.
Recurring Payments
Collect recurring payments from your customers using the configured gateways.
Discount Codes
Easily create discount codes for running promotions, making price reductions or simply rewarding your users. Users will be able to enter a discount code when they sign-up for a certain subscription plan, or if they choose to upgrade their existing membership.
Free Trial and Sign-up Fees
You can configure your subscription to have free membership, a free trial period, a one-time fee, and/or recurring payments, allowing you to have more control on your subscription setup.
Payment Management
Keep track of all member payments, payment statuses or purchased subscription plans.
Stripe Premium Gateway (BLIK, iDEAL, SEPA, etc.)
With Stripe you can accept credit card payments directly on your website. If you want a PayPal alternative, Stripe is a great payment gateway. It supports both one-time and recurring payments. Users will be able to pay without leaving your website, resulting in a better experience for the user, and more successful conversions for you. Supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
Apple Pay & Google Pay
Accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
PayPal Standard
Manual/Offline Payment
Email Templates
Modify the emails sent to the users on registration, subscription activation, cancellation or expiration.
Basic Reporting
Find out how your membership site is doing in terms of new subscribers and revenue.
Export Member Data
Export member data stored in Paid Member Subscription to a CSV file.
Prevent Account Sharing
Prevent users from being logged in with the same account from multiple places at the same time.
Edit Labels, Strings, and Messages
Edit any label, string or message that is coming from the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin or an add-on for it.
Profile Builder
With the Profile Builder integration you can get complete user profiles, the ability to add custom fields to the sign-up form, require Email Confirmation from the user and more. All of this integrates with the default WordPress users system.
Restrict Elementor sections and widgets based on the logged in status or subscription plans.
Paid Member Subscriptions features a powerful WooCommerce integration allowing the admin to restrict product viewing, purchasing, offer special product prices to members and sell subscription plans as WooCommerce products.
Divi Builder
Restrict Divi Builder modules to subscribers or logged in users.
Give access to courses after buying a subscription.
WooCommerce Features
Restrict Products
You can restrict products for both viewing and purchasing.
Restrict Entire WooCommerce Shop
You can choose what members can access the WooCommerce Shop page.
Create Member Discounts
You can add membership discounts and coupon codes per subscription plan or per product individually.
Product Memberships
You can associate Subscription Plans with Products in order to sell them through WooCommerce.
Basic Add-ons
Global Content Restriction
This add-on allows you to add global content restriction rules to subscription plans, based on post type, taxonomy and terms. It provides an easy way to restrict content globally per subscription, instead of doing it for each page, post or custom post type individually.
Email Reminders
This add-on allows you to create multiple email reminders that are automatically sent to members before or after certain events take place (e.g. subscription expires, last login, subscription active etc.)
Navigation Menu Filtering
Get fine tuning over the front-end menus with this Paid Member Subscriptions Add-on. You decide which pages or posts are visible in the menus for members of a each subscription plan, for logged out users and for everyone.
Integrate Paid Member Subscriptions with the popular forums plugin, bbPress.
Fixed Period Membership
The Fixed Period Membership Add-On allows your Subscriptions to end at a specific date, no matter when a client subscribes to it.
Pay What You Want
Let subscribers pay what they want by offering a variable pricing option when they purchase a membership plan.
Restrict courses to members and sell paid courses through the LearnDash add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions.
Pro Add-ons
Help your users not lose money when they are Upgrading or Downgrading their current subscription plan, by offering a discount based on their current remaining subscription time.
Tax & EU VAT
Collect tax or vat from your users depending on their location, with full control over tax rates and who to charge.
Group Memberships
Sell group subscriptions to your members. These are umbrella memberships that contain multiple seats purchased and managed by a single account.
PayPal Express
This add-on allows you to accept payments from your members via PayPal Express Checkout.
Easy way to dynamically generate invoices for subscription payments, which can be downloaded by both clients and the admin.
Content Dripping
Create schedules for your content, making posts or categories available for your members only after a certain time has passed since they signed up for a subscription plan. Different people get access to different amounts of content based on how long they’ve been an active member.
Multiple Subscriptions Per User
Setup multiple subscription level groups and allow members to sign up for more than one subscription plan (one per group).
Files Restriction
Perfect for content creators, educators and businesses, this add-on ensures your premium documents are accessible only to those who have subscribed and paid for access.
Upgrade to the Ultimate Membership Bundle for €259 (25% OFF)

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Questions and Answers

Your most frequently asked questions, answered by our team of experts.

Features & Solutions

Is Paid Member Subscriptions a WordPress subscription plugin for recurring payments?

Yes, Paid Member Subscriptions plugin is a WordPress subscription plugin that can be used to accept recurring payment and create a subscription-based online business in just a few minutes.

Is Paid Member Subscriptions a membership plugin for WooCommerce?

Yes, Paid Member Subscriptions is also a WooCommerce membership plugin thanks to its direct integration. You can create a membership site by protecting specific products or your entire WooCommerce store.

Can I use this plugin to setup a paid community?

Yes, with Paid Member Subscriptions you can easily register members and create a paid community that generates revenue through membership fees or subscription plans.

Can I use it to build an online course, coaching program or consultancy?

You can use the built in membership tools to register and charge your members a one time or recurring subscription for accessing your online course, coaching programs or consultancy plans.

What type of content can I restrict & make paid only?

You can restrict access to any type of content: pages, posts, forums, or custom post types (like courses). You can also restrict individual WooCommerce products or the entire store and offer members only discounts.

Do I get any reports with analytics and stats?

Yes, you'll have access to a detailed reports section to get a clear picture on your subscriptions, payments and members.

Billing & Licenses

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently all our payments are processed via Credit Card and PayPal and we only accept payments online.

If I purchase a Basic license, can I upgrade later?

Sure, you just need to visit your account page and you can automatically upgrade for the price difference between licenses. This is valid for the first two months after purchase.

Do you offer customer support?

Any questions related to Paid Member Subscriptions can be asked on the support page.

What do I get with my license?

Your license grants you access to priority support, documentation resources, product downloads for one calendar year from your purchase date. With a valid license you'll also receive automatic updates to ensure WordPress compatibility, as well as great new features!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time from your account page. You will retain access to plugin updates and support until your licence expires, one year after the purchase date.

What happens when my license expires?

Your Licence is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active licence will grant you access to automatic product updates, new features and support. Licence keys automatically renew yearly.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 15 day money back guarantee. See our terms and conditions for refund requests.