Refund Policy

We firmly believe and stand behind our premium plugins 100%.

The Refund Process is based on 2 steps:

Step 1 – Before asking for a refund regarding a technical issue or any other problem please:

Step 2 – If your issue can’t be solved in Step 1 and you decide to move forward with the refund we will gladly provide a refund within 15 calendar days of the original purchase. After 15 days from the purchase date no refunds can be processed.

Please complete the Refund Request Form at the URL listed below after you completed Step 1. If you believe you are eligible for a refund based on these criteria, you may request a refund using the form located here:

We reserve the right to change or modify the current refund policy with no prior notice. All refunds will be granted at the sole discretion of Cozmoslabs.