WordPress Testimonial Page Template with WCK

Having testimonials displayed on your client’s website is a always a nice bonus, and helps to highlight the brand’s personality and keep up with its audience. The scope of this tutorial is to build a WordPress Testimonial Page Template with the help of WCK – Custom Fields and Post Type Creator plugin. How you choose […]

Fixed and Improved WordPress User Listing

We have some good news for our WordPress User Listing feature from Profile Builder Pro! Yes, as the title says it, we have fixed quite a few bugs on the WordPress User Listing feature. Thanks to you, we received lots of feedback and there were a lot of edge case scenarios that broke the functionality. […]

WordPress Login and Registration with Email

Do you have users that would like to Log In and Register into your WordPress site by email? Knowing what a hurdle can be reminding a username, Profile Builder comes with a new feature to fix that issue. Reckoning that an email address is unique and more personal than just a random user name and […]