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WordPress User Approval, now available for Profile Builder Pro

Gabriel Barina
Last Updated: 26/07/12

It is finally time to present version 1.1.40 of Profile Builder Pro with a new and awesome feature: WordPress User Approval by Admins.

We’ve always tried to add features that lets you manage your users, fight spam and build local profiles for your users with ease.

What this feature does is add a new option next to each user’s management options: besides the possibility to edit or delete the given user, now an administrator can also approve or unapprove a user.

WordPress User Approval

By default, this feature comes turned off. To activate it, go to the “General Settings” tab, and enable this feature by selecting “Yes” right besides the text “Admin Approval” Feature Activated.

Once this is done, the default WP userlisting table should have a new option for every user who has administrator privileges, 2 new menus (which you can use to filter only the “approved” or only the “unapproved” users) and also a new column.

Also, the WordPress Admin Approval feature is fully compatible with the back-end too, thus once it is active, users who register get (by default) the “unapproved” user-status (same as they would get using the registration form created via Profile Builder), and they can’t log in or edit their profiles until approved by an admin.

Here’s a list of what the unapproved users can’t do:

  • Can’t log in (neither front-, nor back-end)
  • Can’t be displayed (archive page or single user profile using the user listing addon in Profile Builder Pro)
  • Won’t appear in the userlisting created via Profile Builder Pro

WordPress User Approval filters

We also added new filters, to make the “Admin Approval” feature more customizable (view a list of all the filters present here):

  • wppb_new_user_status_from_email_content
    DEFINITION: Applied to the “from” field of the email sent to the user once an administrator has approved/unapproved his account
    RETURNS: 1 string-type variable.
    TIP: Can be used to modify the content
  • wppb_new_user_status_subject_email_content
    DEFINITION: Applied to the “subject” field of the email sent to the user once an administrator has approved/unapproved his account
    RETURNS: 1 string-type variable.
    TIP: Can be used to modify the content
  • wppb_new_user_status_body_content
    DEFINITION: Applied to the “body” (main content) field of the email sent to the user once an administrator has approved/unapproved his account
    RETURNS: 1 string-type variable.
    TIP: Can be used to modify the content
  • wppb_change_user_status_notification_message
    DEFINITION: Applied to the confirmation message which is displayed to the administrator once requests a status change for a given user
    RETURNS: 1 string-type variable.
    TIP: Can be used to modify the content of this confirmation message

For more information, please read the documentation page for this particular feature.

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9 thoughts on “WordPress User Approval, now available for Profile Builder Pro

    First I’d like to congratulate you with the great work you’ve done! It seems your plugin is brilliant!
    I’d like you to help me, please.
    I need a plugin that will:
    -to create a personal page for the client after registration;
    -to allow the client to log directly to his/hers personal page;
    -the client will be able to add a personal information like CV, pictures, videos, not only a biographical info;
    -be constantly able to change his/hers information.
    I’m a talent agent and I’d like to have more time to work, instead to create personal pages or to add tables with professional experience of the clients.I don’t have the possibility to hire an IT manager…and nobody will want to do this job, aida!
    I know there in IT world is a plugin to help and i really wish I founded now:)
    I don’t want to instal 50 plugins to do 50 different functions, and in the mean time to do 100ts the same activities.
    Best regards,



    the premium version of Profile Builder would do exactly this, and if you would want to allow that your clients to see each others’ CV, you can create a userlisting.

    If you decide to purchase it, and need help to set it up, let us know!


    PS: if you do purchase it, and you find out later that it is not for you (even though from what you told me, it sounds like it would be), we can offer you a complete refund!


    Sounds exactly what I need. How does it integrate with BuddyPress?



    to be honest with you, we haven’t quite tested it out with that plugin (only with bbpress), but in theory it should wok (in case it doesn’t, and you can’t use it, we can offer you a refund!).




    I’m getting a strange error message when I try to enable this feature on Buddypress. I couldn’t find a way to contact you other than twitter, but if you will email me, I can forward you a screenshot to show you what I’m talking about.

    Thank you!


    Hi, Can it send a customized email for the denied registrants (maybe telling them why they were not approved) and also a different email for those approved (welcome email)? Thanks.



    yes, it does send a custom email both when the user registers and the Admin Approval feature is activated, and when an administrator approves/unapproves them.

    We are currently doing the final tests regarding our newest feature (Email Customizer), which let’s you customize the emails even easier than it was possible ’till now.
    This feature will be released – more then likely – monday, but should you wish so, we can also send you an email reminding you of this.



    How can we change the text in the e-mail
    ‘ An administrator has just approved your account’



    At the beginning of next week at the latest we’re launching a new feature for Profile Builder Pro, called Email Customizer. It will allow you to modify all emails send and received by users and admins.

    In the mean time, you can still do that using built in filters. Just go to and search for “email” in the body of the article and you’ll find all filters that are related to emails sent or received using our plugin.


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