Moving Forward with Profile Builder 2.3.8

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 21/06/16

When using a WordPress plugin there are times when a small extra feature is all you need to finish your project.

If you’re in a hurry or simply are not a technical person, the last thing you want to do is spend time implementing a custom plugin that extends Profile Builder.

This year we’ve spent a lot of time improving the base version by fixing a lot of edge cases, adding compatibility with other plugins and making it more developer friendly. We’ve also pushed new features in the form of addons in order to keep the base plugin as clutter free as possible.

However, the last 3 Profile Builder releases have been focused almost entirely on adding new features to the base plugin:

  • 7 new extra field types
  • User listings are now filterable
  • Optimized User Listing for speed, making it 10x times faster on normal listings
  • Improved the User Listing search allowing you to exclude fields from the search
  • 7 New Extra Field Types

    Building complex registration forms just became a little bit better. Almost 7 times better.

    You now have access to :

    • Map Field
    • Currency Select
    • Custom Validation Field
    • Color Picker
    • Time Picker
    • Phone
    • Static HTML

    Almost all except the Map field, were variations of the existing fields. However if you need any one of them, you don’t have to worry about custom code any longer.

    Better User Listing

    Besides integrating the new extra fields with the User Listing module, behind the scenes everything changed.

    Faceted Filters based on custom fields

    Filtering users based on the custom fields filled during registration was always a pain point when using Profile Builder and the User Listing module. This is no longer the case with access to 4 filter types:

    • Checkboxes – with the possibility to narrow or expand the results
    • Select
    • Range
    • Search in a custom field


    Faster Rendering for User Listing

    When abstracting a template system there will always be speed penalties from the overhead.

    We’ve reworked the entire base queries, making use of the default WP_User_Query class while still being able to expand our feature set. For sites with a lot of users (10k+) the new User Listing can be 10x faster.

    More options when searching

    Sometimes, searching in all the user fields makes it’s results irrelevant. There is also a MySQL limit on how many JOIN causes you can call, braking the search for sites with 50+ extra fields. Previously removing extra fields from search results was possible with a filter, now you can do the same thing directly from the UI


    Moving forward

    By bringing these features to Profile Builder, we’re making room for even more improvements in the near future.

    In the mean time, test out the new fields and user listing on our demo site

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