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How to Use WordPress Testimonial Plugins to Grow Your Subscription Site

Last Updated: 13/09/23

Looking for a way to encourage more subscriptions on your membership site? Leverage testimonial advertising to gain subscriptions!

Using testimonials in advertising is one of the best ways to grab the attention of site visitors on your membership site. It helps them relate to the content or the person giving the testimonial. This way, you encourage more users to try out your subscription plan.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what testimonial advertising is and why advertisers use testimonials to generate more sales. We’ll also talk about where to put testimonials on a website. And, finally, we’ll go over some of the best WordPress testimonial plugins to help you get started with a step in the right direction.

What is testimonial advertising?

Before we jump into some of the best WordPress testimonial plugins, let’s define testimonial advertising.

Testimonial advertising is a form of marketing where customers or users of a product offer positive feedback or leave positive comments on your site regarding their experience with your brand. You can then showcase some of these comments on a testimonials page to encourage more users to purchase your products or try out your services.

Here are some of the main reasons why advertisers use testimonials to promote subscription plans:

Builds brand trust

If you’re showcasing reviews of existing subscribers or paying members, prospective users will have an easier time taking the next steps. As a result, it helps you instill trust in your target audience.

Encourages new subscriptions

Showcasing testimonials is a great way to offer proof of work. It convinces users to subscribe to you after learning about how other people were able to solve similar problems using your product or service. New users will feel much more comfortable spending their money on something that has garnered a great reputation.

Makes you an industry expert

Another major reason why advertisers use testimonials to promote a subscription website is that it makes your brand look like the leading industry expert. Your brand can back up this claim by showcasing some of the best testimonials given by satisfied clients or customers. As a result, it makes your subscription website look more professional and helps you position yourself as the expert in your field.

Promotes transparency

Displaying customer reviews or testimonials on your subscription website also helps promote transparency. This is because you’re open about how your customers and clients truly feel about your products or services. This can also be a great way to let customers know how other people like them have used your product or service to solve similar problems.

Best practices for showcasing testimonials on a site

Showcasing testimonials on your WordPress site isn’t as easy as it sounds. You want to make sure the testimonials add to the overall value of your content without distracting people from your main offering (i.e. the subscription plan) or ruining the user experience.

This is why it’s crucial to keep some of these best practices in mind when displaying testimonials on a site:

#1: Keep it clean

Ideally, you want to make sure displaying testimonials on your subscription website doesn’t cause distraction. You don’t want to create clutter when publishing testimonials on your website. Instead, it’s better to display shorter testimonials that won’t take up much real estate on your page. This helps create a distraction-free browsing experience while ensuring customer testimonials are clearly visible on your subscription website.

#2: Showcase customer feedback where customers land

It’s important to create a frictionless browsing experience for prospective subscribers. An effective way to achieve this is by displaying customer feedback on the same page where site visitors are likely to land. By displaying customer testimonials on the landing page or sales page of your subscription website, you can grab the attention of all new site visitors and returning visitors, as well.

#3: Make it relatable

You want to make sure you select some of the most relatable comments or feedback from customers to be displayed on your website. This is important as you want prospective subscribers to relate to what existing customers are saying so it encourages them to try out your product or service as a way to solve similar problems.

#4: Use real photos

It’s also important to use real photos of customers or clients when showcasing testimonials on your site. This puts a face to the name and “humanizes” the testimonials you publish. As a result, it makes it look more like a real review from a real person deeming it more trustworthy.

#5: Highlight numbers

It’s important to highlight important numbers when showcasing customer testimonials. For instance, you can include “The client experienced over 150% increase in sales after using our product or service”. This helps grab the attention of more people and encourages them to try out your product or service themselves to experience similar gains.

#6: Include information about the client

To make your customer testimonials even more impactful, you can include additional information about the customer or client. For instance, include their name, their company, their designation or position in the company, and also how long they’ve been using your service or product.

Where to put testimonials on your website?

If you’re looking to successfully grab the attention of all site visitors, it’s important to strategically place testimonials on your subscription website.

These are some of the best places to add testimonials on your site:

In addition to this, depending on your business requirements, there are different types of testimonials you can display on your site. For starters, you can showcase testimonials as quotes by your client or ask them to write reviews about your product or service and publish them separately.

You can also ask clients to record video or audio testimonials and display them on your landing page. If long-form reviews suit you better, you might consider using case studies and success stories from customers with embedded testimonials.

Best WordPress testimonial plugins

Here, we’ll go over some of the best WordPress testimonial plugins to help you make an informed decision. We’ll also show you how each testimonial plugin looks on the front-end with a registration form created using the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

The easiest way to create a registration form for your WordPress subscription site.

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#1. Real Testimonials

Real Testimonials

The Real Testimonials plugin offers a simple yet professional solution for showcasing testimonials on your WordPress site.

Using the plugin, you can display testimonials, customer reviews, or quotes anywhere on your WordPress site including on any page, post, custom template, or widget. The best part about Real Testimonials is that it’s very simple to use and offers a live preview that makes it easier to create attractive-looking testimonial posts on your site.

You also don’t have to worry about Real Testimonials integrating seamlessly with your membership or subscriptions plugin, such as the Paid Member Subscriptions.

Real Testimonials shortcode

You can let users easily register for your subscription website while displaying customer testimonials to encourage new registrations.

Real Testimonials preview

#2. Testimonial Grid

Testimonial Grid

Testimonial Grid is an intuitive WordPress testimonial plugin that makes it very easy to display unique-looking testimonials on any WordPress site.

The plugin lets you easily create responsive testimonials on your website and set important fields such as title, job title, company, website URL, and an image of your customer. This helps create a full-fledged testimonial that looks and feels professional without having to touch a single line of code.

In addition to this, it also works seamlessly with membership plugins such as the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

Testimonial Grid shortcode

This is the perfect solution if you’re looking to create a professional-looking membership site and display beautiful-looking testimonials on any page of your site.

Testimonial Grid preview

#3. Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider is a WordPress testimonials plugin that lets you create modern-looking testimonial sliders on your site.

The plugin lets you create either a grid or slider layout for showcasing testimonials on your WordPress site. It also gives you full control over its customizability and how testimonials look on the front-end of your site.

Testimonial Slider shortcode

While the Testimonial Slider lets you showcase attractive testimonial layouts on your site, it also works seamlessly with popular membership plugins such as the Paid Member Subscriptions.

Testimonial Slider preview

#4. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is a simple-to-use WordPress testimonials plugin that comes pre-built with a lot of features out of the box.

You can customize how testimonials look using over 25 pre-designed themes and place them anywhere on your site using shortcodes. This is the perfect solution if you’re looking for WordPress testimonial plugins that offer extensive customizability and full control over customer testimonials on your site.

With Easy Testimonials, you can easily manage your brand’s testimonials using an intuitive interface that doesn’t require you to have any prior coding knowledge.

Easy Testimonials shortcode

The best part is that it works seamlessly with some of the best membership plugins available for WordPress such as the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin.

Easy Testimonials preview

#5. Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials offers a simple approach to adding testimonials to your WordPress site.

In a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to showcase some of your best testimonials on the front-end of your WordPress site. It also lets you create a custom “testimonial submission form” to gather feedback from customers or clients.

Strong Testimonials not only works great with your existing WordPress theme but also with any membership plugin such as the Paid Member Subscriptions.

Strong Testimonials shortcode

This way, you can create a full-fledged membership site and collect and display testimonials in a professional manner.

Strong Testimonials preview

What’s your favorite WordPress testimonials plugin?

Showcasing testimonials on your subscription website is a great way to encourage new subscriptions and improve your brand’s authenticity. It also helps new users and prospective customers trust your brand.

However, it’s important to use a solid WordPress testimonial plugin for showcasing testimonials on your site as the default WordPress functionality isn’t enough. It’s also crucial to ensure that your WordPress testimonial plugin of choice works perfectly with the subscription plugin you’re using.

This is why we recommend using the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin as it seamlessly integrates with all WordPress testimonial plugins we covered in this article.

Ready to enhance your subscription site with testimonial advertising? Get Paid Member Subscriptions, choose your favorite testimonial plugin and start getting new subscriptions today!

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Do you have any other tips for adding testimonials to subscription sites? Let us know in the comments box below.

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