When in doubt blog about your Author’s Block!

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 16/04/09

I have Author’s Block. I doubt it’s contagious so if you’re reading this no need to worry. Now to the mater at hand, why blog about it?

For some particular reason I don’t want to write that much stuff anymore. My fear is that I don’t write enough interesting posts! Why write about something that dosen’t resonate with me? Sure some people might find my articles useful, but will they return for more?

So I’m writing about web-design and developing. This is far from being a niche. Not in the internet world at least. I tried to focus my attention to WordPress and in particular Thematic since I’m using both in my business. It helped me differentiate from other blogs out there and some even found my WordPress category interesting. But I feel I need more. I want more variety in my articles. I could write about every WordPress and Thematic trick and post short pieces of code but I wouldn’t be any happier.

Next on my agenda? Short 4 day Easter Vacation 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have a clearer head when I get back! I already have “some” ideas of what to do next (starting with a redesign) so I’m not completely in the dark.

And you know what? I already feel more confident now that I’ve shared this with the world (theoretically at least). Suggestions welcomed 🙂

2 thoughts on “When in doubt blog about your Author’s Block!

    when I feel blocked, it usually means the time is just not ripe for me to venture out or do the thing I think I must do. So I wait and then, in time, the doors open and I move forward with passion and vision. Perhaps your Easter vacation provided that for you, and you will soon be moving with the flow and writing what is authentic for you and helpful for others.

    I’m in a waiting mode now as well, so I know the possible frustration that can develop, but it’s always worth it when I wait for the inspiration before moving forward.

    but waiting is hard 🙁 Good luck! yael


    It is great idea to write about the writers block when you have no ideas. At least you are still writing something. I have a problem that I just can’t stop writing because I am running a couple of different business blogs. When I feel blocked I usually share someone else interesting idea or concept and ask my readers to share what they think about it. It keeps everything alive even though I can’t write a single original sentence.


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