Numbers and Phone Validation Addon for Profile Builder

Cristian Antohe
Last Updated: 02/02/15

I want to restrict an input field to be numerical How can I do that?

Zip codes, phone numbers, custom ID’s require the custom input field in a registration form to be made up of numbers only. That’s where this addon for Profile Builder comes in handy.

Download and activate

icon-150x150First of all, click on the button below to download the add-on. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the contents in the wp-content/plugins directory.

Download The Numbers Only Field Add-On

Please note: The Numbers and Phone Validation Add-On requires Profile Builder version 2.0.5 or higher.

Once the files are moved, head over to the Plugins section of the Dashboard and activate the add-on.

Enable Numbers or Phone Validation for a Custom Input

Once the add-on has been activated head over to the Manage Fields page in Profile Builder. If you select an input field you will see that a new property named Numbers Only appeared below the other properties.


See it in action

Too see your work in action head over to the page where you display the register or edit form and type some letters into your new field and submit the form. You will get an error asking you to enter numbers only!


8 thoughts on “Numbers and Phone Validation Addon for Profile Builder

    I think that the upgraded ProfileBuilder is exactly what I am looking for. I do have a few questions though, I would like for one type of user (in your example say, the patient) to be able to search only the other user type (e.i. the Doctor list). I am also wondering if I can make edits to the formats of the search results? or if the formats are set.



    If patients and doctors are two different user roles, you will probably have to create two user listings one for patients and another one for doctors. Then direct users to the doctors list only where they can search.


    This add-on isn’t working for me. I want to have a formatted telephone number field but the formatting doesn’t appear, just the string of numbers.


    Hi Robin,

    We’re not formatting the text the user enters. We’re just validating to make sure it’s in the format displayed in this image:


    This doesn’t appear to work because it doesn’t require the user the enter the phone number in the (XXX)XXX – XXXX format.

    I have the phone number format clicked on my registration screen but It will accept any input as long as you enter 10 digits.

    Am I missing something?


    I have need a custom field validation exm when I will fill up from fist time. second time I will fill up from Then I have need error number already exist. please give me idea. I have use profile builder plugin


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