Multiple Admin Emails Add-On for Profile Builder

Mihai Iova
Last Updated: 04/05/21

You may be well aware that WordPress sends by default a notification e-mail to the address that is set in the General Settings page of the Dashboard whenever a new user registers to your website. If you have a website where you manually approve new users this feature comes in handy .

But what if you have a whole team at your side that deals with new users? How do they get notifications? You may have a forwarding system in place, so that every time a new user registers, the notification email you receive is then sent to the others, or in a very worst case scenario you manually forward the emails yourself. In any case, there is now a better solution. Meet the Multiple Admin Emails Add-On for Profile Builder.

How it works

This little add-on adds a new option in the General Settings page of Profile Builder where you can type a list of email addresses that you wish to send notifications regarding users. Therefore when a new user registers notifications will be pushed to these addresses instead of the WordPress default.

Download and activate

The Multiple Admin Emails add-on is included in Profile Builder. To get started, download and install Profile Builder by clicking the button below:

Download Profile Builder

Add the email addresses

You are almost done at this point. Navigate to the General Settings page of Profile Builder and you will see the new option named “Admin Emails”. Here you can type as many email addresses as you need, separated by comma. By default when you activate the plugin this option will be populated with the WordPress default email address.

Multiple Admin Emails Add-On for Profile Builder

Try it out

All done. From now on notifications regarding users will be sent to the addresses you’ve entered.

3 thoughts on “Multiple Admin Emails Add-On for Profile Builder

    I need some advice I have an online learning site and i want to sale membership,but I have a problem what is confusing me and I need some advice about “wpEmember plugin integration with profile builder ” So my website Join|sign in form built on profilebuilder. My problem is start from here, I want add to my site membership plugin to protect content but this plugin have login form or register form So I want keep my profilebuilder login form and need membership plugin for protect website content how can both plugins functional well together?? How to integrate the profile builder plugin with wpEmember plugin???How profile builder can support membership protected content?? I heard need that need to use one plugin to responsible all function , I do not want deactivate my profilebuilder plugin and rebuild my site again with new plugin Please give me some advice rgds peter


    Hi, I am trying to use your profile builder free version on wordpress and i just kind of figure out how to assign a user to his/her OWN profile page after he/she logs in. Do you have that kind of functionality ? Your link on youtube tutorial shows how to asign a profile on his or her own page and thats easy, my question is now is, How will I assign ANOTHER user to his/her own profile page ?


    Hi, Mihai

    That is an awesome and really helpful Guide and it was exactly what I needed!
    Thank you for sharing!


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