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My name is Cristian Antohe, a web-developer and entrepreneur from Romania ( and Star-Trek fan… this kinda explains the name of the blog). This is the first post of what I hope to be a constant updated web-design and development blog.

The reason behind this blog is a personal quest for learning something new (blogging that is..). I came to the conclusion that learning to communicate your ideas and concepts (in this case about web-design and development) is a lot harder then learning some new Photoshop trick or fix a CSS bug for the IE. I’ve realized this by interacting with several clients and collaborators over the last year that I’ve worked as a freelancer. Now that I’m on the process of starting my own business I know what good people skills are a must if I am to grow and succeed in this business.

A great idea is equal to how much you can communicate from it to others (I mean the implications and effects of that idea not just a bare phrase ). So this is my public commitment to writing at least 1 post per week be it good or bad, short or long about the wonderfully world of the internet.

This blog is powered by WordPress and uses the Thematic Theme Framework. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll work on customizing the look and feel of this blog, and naturally blog about this 🙂 .

So until next time, have fun everybody!

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