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WP Webhooks joins Cozmoslabs

WP Webhooks joins Cozmoslabs
Adrian Spiac
Last Updated: 03/01/24

Hey there, Adrian Spiac here, co-founder and CEO of Cozmoslabs.

I’m excited to announce that WP Webhooks Automator has joined the Cozmoslabs family of products.

This is officially our first significant acquisition, so it feels quite special. Below I’ll go through the story behind the acquisition and why I think WP Webhooks has the potential to add a lot of value to any WordPress business by saving time and resources using no-code automations (that are set up directly in WordPress).

The Cozmoslabs product family

For those unfamiliar with our range of products, here’s a quick walkthrough some of our most popular plugins:

  • TranslatePress is the easiest way to translate your WordPress site and go multilingual in minutes. Powering over 300.000 active websites, it’s a proven way to grow multilingual traffic and increase conversions.
  • Profile Builder is an all in one user registration and profile plugin. It lets you build beautiful user profiles, registration forms and member directories offering you all the tools you need for growing and managing an online community.
  • Paid Member Subscriptions is our membership solution focused on growing recurring revenue. You can use it to launch and grow your WordPress membership site, online course or paid community.

Together, our products are used on around half a million active WordPress websites.

What is WP Webhooks?

WP Webhooks is a WordPress automation plugin that lets you connect your website, plugins and apps together by creating powerful no-code automations. As a WordPress business owner this will allow you to save time and money by automating recurring tasks.

WP Webhooks is extremely robust and has 100+ integrations. These include many popular plugins and services that you can leverage to automate recurring tasks and setup workflows on your WordPress site. We believe the power of WP Webhooks lies in how simple it makes setting up no-code automations.

It can automatically do any number of things in different plugins or apps, after something happens.

You can automate many workflows, like what happens after someone logs in or registers on your website, fills out a contact form, makes a purchase, enrols in an online course and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

Why we acquired WP Webhooks

This acquisition is the culmination of something we have been looking to do for some time now. All the products mentioned above were developed from scratch by ourselves. Last year we decided to start looking for a potential new product to acquire, in a niche that we believe in.

I had a couple of conversations with different people, but I just didn’t see the right fit and alignment for us to move forward. And I believe this is absolutely normal and to be expected.

One thing I promised myself though, is that this was going to be a frictionless process, something that would be enjoyable for both parties. On top of that it should be a win-win and great learning experience. I didn’t want to force things and acted with patience.

I believe that when it’s meant to be and there’s alignment, things will flow naturally. This is exactly the feeling I had when I met Jannis, the founder of WP Webhooks. He was already managing different businesses, wanted to start a new venture in the AI space and WP Webhooks was running more or less on autopilot. We both agreed that with the right strategy, resources and team in place, there was a lot of potential for growth.

One thing that was important to me was that the owner will continue as an advisor for the business and his vision for the product is not completely lost. Thankfully this was something Jannis wanted as well, so we set up a structure where he will actively participate in our strategy and product meetings and share his insights. Jannis is a super smart guy and I’m really grateful to have him on board moving forward.

What’s next for WP Webhooks?

The first priority is to allocate more resources and expand the team around the project to define and execute this year’s roadmap.

Our main marketing goal will be to explain automations better and how WordPress websites can benefit from them. Many website owners could benefit a lot from automations, but don’t really know what’s possible. We’ll also focus on growing the free version of the plugin and increase its popularity.

We’ll work on adding more integrations and expanding existing ones. Both Profile Builder and Paid Member Subscriptions’ users will be able to setup automations based on specific actions and triggers from these two plugins.

If you’re a WordPress website owner that wants to automate parts of your website and business I encourage you to give WP Webhooks a try. It’s very robust and ease to use.

Here’s to a great journey ahead and thank you so much for your continued support of Cozmoslabs!

P.S. If you’re a plugin owner looking for a reliable partner to take things to the next level or just finding a new home for your product, you can always reach out to me via email or Twitter(X). Even if there’s isn’t a fit, I’m always happy to chat with fellow WordPressers and try to provide useful advice.

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