Profile Builder version 1.1.6 has arrived

The latest version includes a few small, but important features if you wish to customize the plugin.

For those who just met up with WordPress, Profile Builder is WordPress registration done right; it lets you customize your website by adding a front-end menu for all your users, giving them a more flexible way to modify their user-information or to register new users.

We’ve also put together a short presentation video where you can see Profile Builder in action.

Now back to features. Firstly, we have completed the front-end registration plugin with a password recovery page. Just like every other page, this feature includes a shortcode ([wppb-recover-password]). Use this, with fully customizable emails and messages to skip the default WordPress forms all-together.

Also, by using the new (and now complete) custom redirects, your users will only have access to where you want them.

The second biggest feature of this release is the fact that you can mark the fields (both default and extra) as required. This means the user can’t register without having completed these fields, and neither can he delete this info later on from the edit profile page (the information can be modified but he/she won’t be able to submit the new data if it’s not filled out properly).

NOTE: at the moment this feature only works on the front end, but using this in conjunction with the custom redirects, your users won’t have access to the dashboard anyway.

Last but not least, I would like to mention the most important feature of this release: filters, the crème de la crème for all plugins.

We redesigned the plugin and added to every notification/content/values a filter to let you easily customize the layout for your own needs, without the fear of loosing the data after a new update.

You can find a detailed list of all the filters here.

We hope you enjoy the new features, and if you have any questions, just post a new topic over at the forums.

Also, there have been many interesting feature requests, which will be included in the next release(s), so stay tuned!

Profile Builder Beta

There’s a new version of Profile Builder WordPress plugin. It features the following new features:

  • New interface
  • Create Extra User Fields (like birthdate or education level)
  • Add avatar upload for users and automatic integration with any theme that uses get_avatar()
  • Shortcodes for login, register and edit profile to use in pages and widgets.
  • Select what fields appear in the register and edit-profile pages.
  • Select if the admin bar should be present on the front end for user-groups.
  • Select if to use the default css or not.

You can sign up for the beta from this page: Profile Builder beta

The new interface was borrowed from the awesome plugin OptionTree created by Derek Herman

WordPress Profile Builder: a front-end user registration, login and edit-profile plugin

You can now login, register and edit your profile directly from the front-end

Profile Builder lets you customize your website by adding front-end forms for all your users, giving them a more flexible way to modify their user-information or to register new users.

Also, administrator can customize what basic fields are displayed on the front-end (like First Name, Last Name, Website, etc.)

To achieve this, just create a new page, and give it an intuitive name(i.e. Edit Profile). Now all you need to do is add the following shortcode(for the previous example): [wppb-edit-profile]. Publish your page and you are done!

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