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On Choosing The Right Plugin

Your business depends on quality WordPress plugins that are well supported, tested and developed with both the developer and the end user in mind.

The last thing you want to worry about is:

  • Is the plugin actively updated and tested with the latest version of WordPress?
  • Is the support team trying to solve YOUR problem and knows what it's doing?
  • Searching the documentation, do you actually find what you're looking for?
  • Will the plugin actually help you deliver your project?

To answer all these questions you need hours and hours of researching different plugins and solutions.

You wasted hours configuring a plugin only to find out it's not what you need for your project.

It's not that you can expect everything to work perfectly every time, but when something does happen, you need someone to help you in a timely fashion.

How much easier would your job be, if the plugins you used in your project are well supported, tested and developed with both the developer and the end user in mind?


  • You don't have to spend hours and hours searching for the right plugin
  • Once installed, it's clear how to use and configure the plugin
  • When you need help, there are applicable answers from the support team
  • Actually delivering your projects on time and on budget

We ran a small consulting agency ourselves (for a total of 7 years). And we hated wasting time on poorly coded and supported plugins.

That's why we designed, developed and continue to maintain and support our hassle-free WordPress plugins, so you could spend time actually creating value and not struggling with badly coded plugins.

What Our Users Have To Say


“I tried out several other plugins and this one was able to do exactly what I wanted! It is highly customizable and the support is excellent.”

Pete Bocken on Profile Builder

Love this Product

“The direct, ease-of-use makes this plugin a step above the rest for any customization you may need to make to a website. A very short learning curve and I'm no longer stuck spending time looking for suitable theme that incorporates all the features a client may need.”

Tom DuHamel on WordPress Creation Kit

A must have plugin!

“I strongly recommend this plugin for all WordPress installation that need some customized solution to manage profiles and provide a nice interface for the users. The support team is excellent too, fast and accurate to solve the problems. Plugin is mature and simple to use.”

Diogo Guedes on Profile Builder

Excellent Product & Support!

“I recommend this product to anyone. I switched membership systems on my site to Profile Builder together with Paid Member Subscriptions from Cozmoslabs. The support has been outstanding and custom edits have been made based on my specific, individual needs.”

Jay Mathieu on Paid Member Subscriptions