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60,000+ site owners and developers use Profile Builder to enhance their community and eCommerce websites.

I have tried many different member plugins which promised a lot. But none of them (even known ones) could convince me in handling like these from Cozmoslabs.
The functionality behind the Cozmoslabs plugins are great. It allows me to create features in the signup process that are not easily possible otherwise.
If I ever have a problem, the people behind Cozmoslabs are always there. (Even if it is a simple question which is obvious, they have always helped me with clear and simple solutions). [...]
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Login and Registration Forms

Customize your website with front-end user login and registration forms to offer people a flexible way of signing up or accessing their profile.

Online Communities & Associations

Whether you run an online community or association, give your members a clean and simple way to register and get access.

Courses, News, and Resource Sites

Use our templates to easily create engaging forms that entice people to sign up & access content designed for their role and needs.

Registration and edit profile forms previews

Beautiful User Profiles with a Powerful Builder

Keep a close eye on your users, determine how and where they can log in to your website, and put security measures in place to protect all parties.

Business & Member Directories

Create beautiful user directories and easily display members with pre-designed and customizable member directory templates.

Job Boards & Consultancy

Build a secure and private way to list job offers on your platform or offer clients a simple way to access your consultancy services.

User listing preview

Restrict Your Site's Content with Confidence

Take control of how your users access your website, their viewing permissions, and how they can purchase your products.

Private Content or Website

Restrict access to all or some of your website’s content based on user roles and logged-in status.

Private WooCommerce Stores

Secure WooCommerce shop and product pages to create private stores or sell products to members only.

Login form preview

Say goodbye to WordPress’ tedious user registration forms and boring user profiles today.

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Your All-in-One WordPress User Registration and User Profile Plugin with Powerful Features

Social Login

Allow users to quickly and easily register and log into your site using social profiles like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Pre-Designed Form Templates & Custom Fields

Build your own forms with custom fields & use pre-designed templates for login, registration, and profile editing.

Email Customizer & Notifications

Customize all emails sent to your users or site admins using fully customizable templates and personalized notifications.

Multiple Forms & Multi-Step Forms

Capture different information from different types of users by setting up multiple registration & edit profile forms with specific fields for certain user roles.

WooCommerce Integration

Add custom registration forms to your WooCommerce ‘My Account’ page, manage WooCommerce customer fields, and add custom fields to the checkout page.

Custom Redirects

Easily redirect users to a specific page or URL after login, registration, profile edit, & more. Keep your users out of the WordPress admin.

Content Restriction & User Role Editor

Create, edit, and delete user roles and capabilities, then restrict website content based on custom user roles.

Front-End User Listings

Easy to edit templates for listing your users as well as creating single-user profile pages. Filtrable, sortable, and searchable

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3rd-Party Integrations


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Rated 4.7/5 stars from 600+ real customer reviews.

It is great to find a plugin that does what one wants without either unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’ or essential features only available by buying expensive paid upgrades.
@pfletch101 avatar
on Profile Builder
I’m using just the Basic version and it has an amazing amount of functionality for the price. I use the user profile/registration forms, but also the roles management and the page security management. And the code is really professional, handling all the details that most light-weight plugins don’t bother with.
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on Profile Builder
I’ve used Profile Builder with great success for several years. It has worked flawlessly. A recent product upgrade that I didn’t notice caused my plugin to stop working. When I reached out for assistance, I got quick responses until the problem was solved – competently and courteously.
@danwpc avatar
on Profile Builder
This plugin has a lot to offer. Well thought out and with features that you don’t find in better known (and more expensive) plugins. For example, with Profile Builder Pro, you can set up Admin Approval which prevents any new user signing up from getting access to your site/network until you approve them.
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For beginners and solo creators.

€99 / year
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  • Use on 1 site
  • Login, Register and Edit Profile Shortcodes
  • Manage & Add Unlimited Custom User Fields
  • Email Customizer
  • Admin Approval & Email Confirmation
  • Conditional Logic for Fields
  • Avatar Upload For Users
  • reCaptcha Support
  • 10 Advanced Addons
  • Social Connect
  • WooCommerce Sync
  • Multi Step Forms
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailPoet
  • bbPress
  • Field Visibility
  • Edit Profile Updates Approved by Admin
  • Custom Profile Menus
  • 1 Yr. Updates & Support
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For agencies and experts.

€299 / year
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  • Use on Unlimited sites
  • Everything in Basic plan, plus:
  • Pro Addons
  • Front-End User Listing
  • Multiple Registration Forms
  • Multiple Edit Profile Forms
  • Custom User Redirects
  • BuddyPress
  • Repeater Fields
  • Add Users on Map
  • Files Restriction
  • 10 Advanced Addons
  • Social Connect
  • WooCommerce Sync
  • Multi Step Forms
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailPoet
  • bbPress
  • Field Visibility
  • Edit Profile Updates Approved by Admin
  • Custom Profile Menus
  • 1 Yr. Updates & Priority Support
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You may upgrade or cancel at any time.
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Shortcodes/Blocks for Front-end Login, Registration, Edit Profile and Password Reset Forms
[wppb-login], [wppb-register], [wppb-edit-profile], [wppb-recover-password], [wppb-logout]
Form Styles
Choose between 3 form style templates to make your forms look better than ever.
Email Confirmation for User Registration
Following registration, users receive a notification to confirm their email address - helps fight spam.
Admin Approval for New Users
You decide who is a user on your website. Get notified via email or approve multiple users at once from the WordPress UI.
Log in with Email or Username
Allow users to log-in using their email or username.
Enforce Minimum Password Length and Strength
Eliminate weak passwords and improve security by setting a minimum password length and enforcing a certain password strength.
Control Over the Admin Bar on the Front End
By hiding the Admin Bar on your WordPress site you provide your users with a clean and less confusing interface.
Extra Profile Fields for Registration and Edit Profile
They also appear in the backend of WordPress. Available extra fields are: Headings, input, input-hidden, checkbox, agree to terms checkbox, radio, select, select multiple, select CPT, select2, country select, timezone select, user role select, datepicker, textarea, reCAPTCHA, invisible reCAPTCHA, generalist upload, avatar upload, WYSIWYG, map, HTML, phone, number, time picker, color picker, custom validation field, currency select.
Conditional Logic for Fields
Conditional Fields are an easy way to show or hide fields based on user selections. Using conditional logic you can implement dynamic front-end registration forms for your users.
Avatar Upload for Users
The avatar functionality works by default with almost any WordPress theme. It appears in the comments, bbpress forum and you can use it in conjuncture with the User Listing module.
Drag & Drop to Reorder Profile Fields
Rearrange and mix both default and extra user fields the way you want.
Content Restriction
Restrict individual posts and pages based on the user role, logged in logged out status.
Restrict for WooCommerce products and bbPress forums.
Roles Editor
Really simple to use role editor with the possibility to create, edit, delete and duplicate user roles as well as add and remove capabilities.
Email Customizer
Simple to use customization of the WordPress Registration Emails.
With the Email Customizer you can:
• Customize the WordPress Registration Email using fully customizable templates
• Override the from address so that it is the name of your business
• Customize the User Email sent to user upon different registration processes
• Customize the Admin Email sent when a new users is registered
Import/Export Users from/to CSV
Step by step documentation available.
Import Users Features:
• import standard user fields and custom fields (user meta)
• update existing users by specifying ID field
• set user role on import
Export Users Features:
• export all user fields and user meta (custom fields)
• export users by role or date range
Translated in More Than 25 Languages
Get Profile Builder in your Language!
We're focusing on translating Profile Builder in as many languages as we can. So far, the translations for more than 10 languages are almost complete. Download all the available language packs as well as help translate Profile Builder in your language.
Support that Gets Things Solved!
Never worry about getting stuck with your project.
Time and time again our customers tell us that they love our plugins, but what they never expected was the kind of support that we offer. This isn't by chance. We push ourselves to give 100% on every support request we receive.
Add Users on Map
The users on map feature allows:
• users to have their own profile and add the location themselves
• list all the users inside user listing
• searching for users, or filtering them based on various information extends the functionality of your map
Paid Member Subscriptions
Passwordless Login
Allows your users to login without a password. It’s as simple as installing it and adding a shortcode in a page or widget.
Client Portal
Create private pages for your website users that only an administrator can edit.
Divi Builder
Free Add-ons
Import and Export
With the help of this add-on you will be able to export all Profile Builder Settings data to a .json. You can then use this file as a back-up or you can import this data on another instance of Profile Builder.
Custom CSS Classes on Fields
This add-on extends the functionality of Profile Builder by allowing you to add custom css classes for fields.
Maximum Character Length
Using this addon you can limit the maximum number of characters a user can type in a field added and managed with Profile Builder.
Labels Edit
This add-on extends the functionality of our plugin and let us easily edit all Profile Builder labels.
GDPR Communication Preferences
This add-on plugin adds a GDPR Communication preferences field to Profile Builder.
Advanced Add-ons
Social Connect
Easily configure and enable social login on your website. Users can login with social platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
WooCommerce Sync
Syncs Profile Builder with WooCommerce, allowing you to manage the user Shipping and Billing fields from WooCommerce with Profile Builder.
Multi Step Forms
Extends the functionality of Profile Builder by adding the possibility of having multi-page registration and edit-profile forms.
Easily associate MailChimp list fields with Profile Builder fields and set advanced settings for each list.
This add-on allows you to integrate Profile Builder with the popular forums plugin, bbPress.
Campaign Monitor
Easily associate Campaign Monitor client list fields with Profile Builder fields. Use Profile Builder Campaign Monitor Widget to add more subscribers to your lists.
Field Visibility
Extends the functionality of Profile Builder by allowing you to change visibility options for the extra fields.
Edit Profile Approved by Admin
Extends the functionality of Profile Builder by allowing administrators to approve profile changes made by users on individual fields.
Custom Profile Menus
Add custom menu items like Login/Logout or just Logout button and Login/Register/Edit Profile in iFrame Popup.
Allow users to subscribe to your MailPoet lists directly from the Register and Edit Profile forms.
Pro Add-ons
Advanced User Listing
Easy to edit templates for listing your users as well as creating single user pages.
User Listing Features:
• shortcode based (use the [wppb-list-users] shortcode)
• set up multiple user listings
• restrict user listing to logged in users only (select roles)
• possibility to only list users with a particular user role(s)
• set number of users to be displayed on each page
• set default sorting criteria and sorting order
• fully customizable templates where you can add any extra fields previously defined
• "search" tags for adding a search form on the All User Listing Template
• "sort by" tags
• posibility to query users with a particular meta_key and meta_value
• advance filtering by custom fields using faceted filters
Multiple Registration Forms
Set up multiple registration forms with different fields for certain user roles. Helps capture different information from different types of users.
• automatically log in for users
• create custom registration forms for specific user roles
• manage (arrange, add and delete) fields that appear on each form
• redirect users after registration
Multiple Edit Profile Forms
Allow different user roles to edit their specific information. Set up multiple edit-profile forms with different fields for certain user roles.
• create custom edit profile forms for specific user roles
• manage (arrange, add and delete) fields that appear on each form
• redirect users after edit profile
Custom Redirects
Redirect users after login, after they first register or when they try to access the default WordPress dashboard, login, lost password and registration forms.
This integration add-on allows extending BuddyPress user profiles with Profile Builder user fields.
Repeater Fields
The Repeater Field Module makes it really easy to add repeater front-end fields or groups of fields to your user profile. Integration with both the Email Customizer and User Listing modules, makes creating advanced user profiles possible.
Files Restriction
Protect your sensitive documents with our add-on designed to restrict direct access to your files.
Upgrade to the Ultimate Membership Bundle for €259 (25% OFF)

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Questions and Answers

Your most frequently asked questions, answered by our team of experts.

Features & Solutions

Does this WordPress User Registration plugin allow me to add custom user registration forms to my website?

Yes, with Profile Builder is a WordPress user registration plugin that lets you create and customize front-end user registration forms to place anywhere on your site with a simple shortcode or block.

Can I create custom user profile fields and reorder the fields?

Profile Builder gives you the option to create new custom user profile fields of all types, and it also offers a drag-and-drop way of reordering those user profile fields as needed.

Can I build a member directory with Profile Builder?

Of course, using the Userlisting module you can list all your members and create a filtrable, sortable, and searchable member directory with beautiful profiles for each member. You can also customize what member information to display and if needed, show a map of all your users.

Can I use this with my WooCommerce store?

Absolutely, Profile Builder is fully integrated with WooCommerce through its WooCommerce Sync addon. For example, you can offer extra product options that require extra user information to be collected, you may collect different types of information according to the type of user, and even sell variable products or WooCommerce product add-ons by introducing extra custom fields.

Does Profile Builder let you customize user emails?

Yes, the Email Customizer addon lets you modify all emails sent to your users or site admins, giving you access to fully customizable templates.

What makes Profile Builder a great WordPress user profile plugin?

Profile Builder offers all the tools you'll need to build and grow and online community. From custom registration forms with user fields of any type, flexible edit profile forms, filtrable and searchable member directories, custom redirects and options to customize all user emails, Profile Builder is an all in one user profile plugin.

Billing & Licenses

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently all our payments are processed via Credit Card and PayPal and we only accept payments online.

If I purchase a Basic license, can I upgrade later?

Sure, you just need to visit your account page and you can automatically upgrade for the price difference between licenses. This is valid for the first two months after purchase.

Can I use Profile Builder on client sites?

Yes, you can use Profile Builder on client sites. Purchase the appropriate license for the number of client sites the WordPress user profile plugin will be installed on. You can also refer your clients to purchase directly from our site using your affiliate link to earn a 20% commission.

What do I get with my license?

Your license grants you access to priority support, documentation resources, product downloads for one calendar year from your purchase date. You'll also continue receiving automatic updates to ensure WordPress compatibility, as well as great new features!

What happens when my license expires?

Your Licence is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active licence will grant you access to automatic updates, new features and support. Licence keys automatically renew yearly.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 15 day money back guarantee. See our terms and conditions for refund requests.

Do you offer support if I need help with setting it up?

Yes, we're here to help. Simply reach out to us via our support page.