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User Profile Picture is a free and easy to use WordPress plugin, which allows you to set a custom profile image for a user using the standard WordPress media upload tool. It also comes with a Gutenberg block for displaying the user information and profile picture in the front-end.

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Installing the User Profile Picture plugin

Just head to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins -> Add New and search for User Profile Picture. Click install, and then activate.

User Profile Picture plugin installation

Then visit your profile or any of your user’s profile and click to edit, upload and save a new profile image.

Setting a New Profile Image

To set a new profile image simply head to your profile or any of your user’s profile and find the section for Profile Image.

Upload a User Profile Image

Click the image and it’ll launch a modal where you can select a profile image for inclusion.

Note: Users must have the ability to upload images (typically author role or greater) in order to set their profile picture. You can use the Profile Builder plugin and its Roles Editor module to allow other roles (e.g. subscribers) the ability to upload images.

Here’s a video below demonstrating how to set a profile image:

Removing a Profile Image

Removing the Profile Image

There are two ways to remove a profile image:

  • Click the Trash icon on the image to remove it.
  • Click on the image and select Remove Profile Image.

Displaying the Profile Image

Use the Template Function

There’s a built-in template function that will retrieve and display the profile image. It accepts the same arguments as get_the_post_thumbnail. Here’s an example of it in use.

Here’s a video below showcasing the Gutenberg block.

Using an Author Box Template Function

This is for advanced users, but you can mimic the Gutenberg author box using a template function called mt_author_box. Details and an example are below.

Author Box Defaults

Here’s an example usage:Array

REST API Endpoints

There are three REST API endpoints for you to use.

Setting a Profile Picture For Yourself


Setting a Profile Picture For Others


Getting a User Profile Image


Questions or Comments?

Leave a comment below or open up an issue on our GitHub.

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