Paid Member Subscriptions 1.5.0 released! New features: free trials and sign-up fees.

Version 1.5.0 of Paid Member Subscriptions is the biggest release the membership plugin has seen since its initial launch. I am really proud and excited about it, because it is the result of the collaboration between you, the users who have reached out to our support team for help, the support team, which has been […]

User Listing Table made Responsive with CSS

One of the awesome features of Profile Builder is the user listing. As the name suggests, you can create a listing of your users by selecting different criteria, like which user roles to display, the number of users to display on a page, a default sorting, be it by username, first name or other default and extra fields, […]

Maximum Character Length Add-On for Profile Builder

How can I limit the maximum number of characters a user can type in a field? You may find yourself in the situation where you want your users to provide a postal code that is at most 4 characters long, or a description of themselves in less than 140 characters. In these cases the Maximum Character Length […]