wpMail.me – a concise, once weekly free roundup of WordPress news and articles

wpMail.me is a concise, once-weekly free round up of news and articles. It’s main goal is to ease some of the information overload we encounter in our daily computing by providing with a list of curated articles, news and tutorials. Also since it’s once a week you can batch process it all in 1 hour a week, leaving you with extra free time.


Information overload is something we’ve all encountered. I for one, get lost reading my feeds, hacker news, links on Twitter and the rest.

There are times I feel trapped, like an addict. And it’s just that: an information addiction. The problem with any addictions is that they do quite a lot of harm. There are solutions to this, like batch processing that alleviate some of the problems but the problem remains the same: to much information.

Staying up to date with WordPress

Staying up to date with WordPress as a developer is harder then you might thing. It’s close release cycles makes almost everything you knew 1 year ago obsolete. Custom post types, custom taxonomies, theme backgrounds, theme header images, new menu system all in the last year or so. When you try to factor in all that learning with client work and life in general you realize there’s no more time left in the day for anything else.


The idea for a weekly newsletter came up when I found out about Javascript Weekly, a newsletter about javascript. It made sense to me that there should be something similar in the WP community, however it seams no one thought about it until now.

So where do I gather the all the information?
Mostly RSS feeds, however I’m thinking of creating something semi-automatic in the future, gathering news from topsy.com, bit.ly(good resource however I need to see how exactly to pull that info), RSS feeds and WordPress Answers (stackexchange).

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