Use WordPress as a CMS with Thematic Theme- Part1

This will be a two parts tutorial in which will use WordPress as a CMS with the Thematic WordPress Theme Framework.


  • WordPress
  • Thematic Theme framework
  • A ready made layout design
  • Coffee ( preferably hot with cream and no sugar)

We all know how powerful WordPress can be. A lot of people have done this before me, building static websites on WordPress, and using it as a CMS so there is a lot of information out there. (people have written about this here and here and probably countless other places ). What I tried to do is use the power of the Thematic WordPress Theme and simply create a nicely designed static website.

Before we start here is the project after this stage: Demo , and here are the things I wanted to implement:Demo

  • simple and easy CMS for the client to use (big points for WordPress in ease of use)
  • fast implementation of the web-site (since I’ll use a child theme based on Thematic that means I don’t have to create the theme from scratch, just part of the css)
  • a simple contact form (in part 2 of the tutorial)
  • a photo gallery (in part 2 of the tutorial) Read more