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Themes in the Work

The last two months have been really productive. So I thought I’d share with you two of the works in progress. While still far from ready to be released, they are ready to be shown.

Both will be child themes, but with a twist. This is as much as I can tell you at this point, but I’ll post more details by the end of the month.

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Early Morning Child Theme

This elegant WordPress theme was inspired by the colors of the early morning as I see them from my window. It’s light, elegant and pleasantly surprising.

This theme doesn’t scream at you, instead it takes a step back and lets the user read. Please don’t spoil it by putting ads on it!

Early Morning - A refreshing child theme for Thematic

Early Morning – A refreshing child theme for Thematic

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Use WordPress as a CMS with Thematic Theme- Part1

This will be a two parts tutorial in which will use WordPress as a CMS with the Thematic WordPress Theme Framework.


  • WordPress
  • Thematic Theme framework
  • A ready made layout design
  • Coffee ( preferably hot with cream and no sugar)

We all know how powerful WordPress can be. A lot of people have done this before me, building static websites on WordPress, and using it as a CMS so there is a lot of information out there. (people have written about this here and here and probably countless other places ). What I tried to do is use the power of the Thematic WordPress Theme and simply create a nicely designed static website.

Before we start here is the project after this stage: Demo , and here are the things I wanted to implement:Demo

  • simple and easy CMS for the client to use (big points for WordPress in ease of use)
  • fast implementation of the web-site (since I’ll use a child theme based on Thematic that means I don’t have to create the theme from scratch, just part of the css)
  • a simple contact form (in part 2 of the tutorial)
  • a photo gallery (in part 2 of the tutorial) Read more

Before I go on vacation, more Thematic madness!

I’ve mentioned in my previous post about Thematic that I want to implement a static web-page using WordPress and Thematic as a CMS, so here’s a sneak  peek: Demo. It doesn’t have a lot of content yet, I still have to install a form builder, a photo gallery, create some more pages and perhaps a video with the clients Auto Shop, but the main template is done. And again it was so easy to implement.

I have to say this is not a child theme, because I made small changes to the header file of the Thematic theme . Other then that, the needed changes for the thematic_belowheader ( for the slide show ) hook were done through functions.php file.

I have to say I can’t wait for WordPress 2.7 to implement full theme inheritance. Things will really take of then.

Away on vacation!

Finally some well deserved time off. It’s been a really interesting year for me and things appear to become even more interesting.

I’ll be away until the first of September so expect a full blog post in the first week after my vacantion on how I’ve used and implemented WordPress and Thematic as a CMS for KraftAuto .

Until next time, have fun!

10 design tips for your custom wordpress theme built with thematic

I’m quite happy with the way my custom weblog theme design turned out. There is still room for improvement but for now things will stay like this. I didn’t make huge changes from the base Thematic Theme, but it dose look different and somewhat close to my personality, and this was basically my goal for this project.

It was quite a nice and easy road from installing the Thematic Theme to customizing my own. So I’ve put together a list with the things I’ve learned during development and share them with you:

1. It’s easier then you might think. I’ve delayed launching my own blog for quite some time now. The main reason was the fact that I really wanted a custom theme and was just terrified about the prospect, considering that the previous theme I’ve implemented really stressed me out big time. Trying to get pull my self from this endless circle (need custom theme -> really hard -> don’t do it) I’ve decided to go ahead and just install any old theme and go from there regardless on how the blog would look. And I did just that. Luckily for me as I was searching the net for worpress themes and Thematic popped out of no ware ( what I mean to say is that I forgot where I found it firs :D… I think it was on SmashingMagazine but just can’t find the link). Now that I found Thematic so easy to use I’m actually considering to implement another custom blog design using it in the next month or so. Read more