All Child Themes got updated

While a bit late, we finally managed to get all Child Themes that are free for download updated to work with the latest Thematic (# Version:

Early Morning, Street and Byty now make use of the WordPress 3.0 menu system, while Commune now makes use of the Featured thumbnail image that comes with WordPress (no more category images that weren’t working anyway) and we updated the menu to work with wp_nav_menu just like the rest of the themes.

We have plans for some new Child Themes in the near future so please stay tuned.

Thematic Tabbed Widgets

Tabbed widget areas for Thematic

Tabbed widgets for WordPress themes have been around since WordPress it self. They are a perfect way to save on vertical space and add a bit of interaction with the users.

There are two classic ways of implementing the tabbed widgets.

  • Creating a hard coded widget and using the jQuery Cycle plugin. This means you can’t easily modify the content of the tabs unless you open the widget file.
  • Using a tabbed widget plugin. While this is ok for some users it just ads a lot extra code that doesn’t justify the end.

Luckily there is a optimized way of doing things. Write a bit of javascript that converts any default thematic widget area into a tabbed widget area. The title of the widgets placed in you widget area will automatically become the widget tabs.

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Early Morning Child Theme

This elegant WordPress theme was inspired by the colors of the early morning as I see them from my window. It’s light, elegant and pleasantly surprising.

This theme doesn’t scream at you, instead it takes a step back and lets the user read. Please don’t spoil it by putting ads on it!

Early Morning - A refreshing child theme for Thematic

Early Morning – A refreshing child theme for Thematic

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Add “Featured Posts” to your Thematic child theme

Featured Posts for Thematic

Featured Posts for Thematic

Featured posts are common in WordPress magazine themes. They let you promote hot topics and bring your best articles right in front of your users.

First thing we need to do is create a thematic child theme. This way we won’t make direct changes to Thematic.

The featured posts will be inserted on the home page before the rest of the articles. We’ll display the latest 3 posts which are tagged ‘featured’.

preview thematic child theme

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Street WordPress Theme

Street is something that was created from a spark of inspiration, something that I felt should look like this. This wasn’t thought out nor planed.

It uses the beautiful Vegur Free Font for the headings and main menu, implemented by Cufon (text replacement technique). I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for the perfect free font for this theme, but I think I found the right combination.

While this child theme is just a skin for Thematic, because this exact reason is also functional. You have access to all 13 Widget Areas Thematic uses, the semantically correct HTML that is great for SEO, can use a page template that spans the entire width of the page without the sidebars and even you can upload your own logo or header image from the “Street Theme Options”.



An elegant Child Theme for Thematic

I hope you’ll enjoy using this theme as much I enjoyed creating it!

In order to install it you have to download the Thematic Theme (from which this child theme inherits all of the functionality), upload both themes (Street and Thematic) to your server in the themes folder AND THEN ACTIVATE the Street theme.

Add a search box to the thematic menu

A search box in main menu is something a lot of themes have by design. Although this is not the case with the Thematic Theme Framework, it’s easy to customize it with a few lines of code.

First thing we need to do is create a thematic child theme. This way we won’t make direct changes to Thematic.

The search box will be displayed on the right of the menu, inside of the #access div. The way Thematic hooks and actions were constructed will first need to remove the thematic_access() action from the thematic_header() hook. If all this sounds a bit difficult fear not. All you have to do is add this code inside of functions.php file of your child theme (don’t forget the <?php opening tag and the ?> ending tag).

// Remove default Thematic actions
function remove_thematic_actions() {
If everything is working properly when you reload your Wordpress installation the entire menu would have disappear! <strong>Now we can create our own menu WITH the search box on the right of it! </strong>Add this code at the end of your <em>functions.php</em>:
// Create a custom access div with the menu and search box
function search_access() { ?&gt;

Reload your page and the search box will be there, but not where you expected it to be! We’ll need to add a bit of css styling to it.

Go ahead and open the style.css and at the end of it add this css code:

	border-top:1px solid #ccc;
	border-left:1px solid #ccc;
	border-right:1px solid #ccc;
	padding:2px 0 0 4px;

This is it! You now have successfully added a search box to the right of your thematic main menu!

Green anyone? Try Commune – Thematic Child Theme!

Update 11.17.2010

The category image was removed and all thumbnails are now created using the Featured Image default functionality. If no Featured Image is added a default image appears in place.


Simply put I have been lazy lately. I know this isn’t the best way to sell my self but a little bit of honesty hasn’t hurt anyone (or has it? ). So without further ado I here by present you Commune Child Theme based on Thematic!

As far as I know it’s the first magazine like Thematic child theme released for free!


Is it a bird, is it a plane?
Hardly! Just a Thematic Child Theme with a twist!

There are many reasons why you should consider using the “Commune child theme” :

  • It’s green
  • It’s a Thematic Child Theme – this being said it has all the features Thematic has including fully widget-ized with widget areas above and below the content—and even in-between.
  • Lets you upload your own logo / banner image through an admin panel
  • Uses the Featured Image functionality
  • It was designed to work with the Tabbed Widget Plugin and WP-PageNavi plugin (update – Tabbed widgets doesn’t currently work with WordPress 2.8)
  • The main menu displays all your categories and subcategories
  • Tested and works on all modern browsers: Firefox 3, IE7, Safari, Google Chrome

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Quickly add a Category DropDown to Thematic 0.9

With the launch of Thematic 0.9 we now have out of the box drop-down menus to work with. This is one of the many features added to 0.9 that was requested by the community. However sometimes one might want to replace the default Thematic menu with a menu composed with the categories and sub-categories of your WordPress installation.

Although I’ve done in the past a similar tutorial that one isn’t working anymore with the latest Thematic version so here is a quick and easy way to add a Category DropDown.

First create a ChildTheme.
Second create and then open the functions.php file that should be found in your new ChildTheme.
Third add this code to the functions.php file:

[sourcecode language=”php”]

#Add a drop down category menu
function childtheme_category_menu() { ?>
<div id="category-menu" class="menu">
<ul id="category-nav" class="sf-menu">
<?php wp_list_categories(‘title_li=’); ?>
<?php }


Save and test. You should now have a drop-down from your categories!