Add a search box to the thematic menu

A search box in main menu is something a lot of themes have by design. Although this is not the case with the Thematic Theme Framework, it’s easy to customize it with a few lines of code.

First thing we need to do is create a thematic child theme. This way we won’t make direct changes to Thematic.

The search box will be displayed on the right of the menu, inside of the #access div. The way Thematic hooks and actions were constructed will first need to remove the thematic_access() action from the thematic_header() hook. If all this sounds a bit difficult fear not. All you have to do is add this code inside of functions.php file of your child theme (don’t forget the <?php opening tag and the ?> ending tag).

// Remove default Thematic actions
function remove_thematic_actions() {
If everything is working properly when you reload your Wordpress installation the entire menu would have disappear! <strong>Now we can create our own menu WITH the search box on the right of it! </strong>Add this code at the end of your <em>functions.php</em>:
// Create a custom access div with the menu and search box
function search_access() { ?&gt;

Reload your page and the search box will be there, but not where you expected it to be! We’ll need to add a bit of css styling to it.

Go ahead and open the style.css and at the end of it add this css code:

	border-top:1px solid #ccc;
	border-left:1px solid #ccc;
	border-right:1px solid #ccc;
	padding:2px 0 0 4px;

This is it! You now have successfully added a search box to the right of your thematic main menu!