Detect if javascript is enabled in php and remove the TypeKit flicker

Experimenting with TypeKit I found the flicker really annoying.

It dose feature loading events that add .wf-loading, .wf-active and .wf-inactive classes to the HTML tag but there still is at least a one second delay before they get appended so you still see the page with the flicker if you want to hide the content based on these classes.

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Adobe Air resources for HTML and JavaScript developers

I’ve just finished my first adobe air project. It was a simple Daily Incomes-Expenses desktop application with monthly reports (simple enough to build in a few hours using PHP and MySql). It took me however something like 12 hours of work mostly because of lack of documentation, certain JavaScript functions are banned in Adobe Air because of security concerns ( functions like eval() that are used in JavaScript Frameworks ) and bugs in Aptana IDE and it’s Adobe Air plugin.

To sum it all up I’ve put together a list of resources that might help you shave a few hours on you ADOBE AIR project if you are developing it using HTML and JavaScript.

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