WP Greet Box, my Design and Thematic – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Photo by StevenM_61

First of all the reason: most of my trafic comes from StumbleUpon. With that in mind I decided that it would be a really good way to promote my blog by nicely asking visitors that came from Stumble to give me a thumb up if they like the article (the all “ask and you will be given” mentality). The ideea came from stumbling on a post from Smashing Magazine which nicely asked for my “Thumb Up”.

Initially I thought that it would be even cooler to actually develop a plugin for WordPress that did just that… Of course after 5 minutes or so of brainstorming about the technical problems of this, I realized that this was WordPress and someone must have already developed such a useful plugin. After a quick search in the plugin directory on wordpress.org I found THE GOOD WP Greet Box. Read more