Frequently Asked Questions

I navigated away from Profile Builder and now I can’t find it anymore. Where is it?

Profile Builder can be found in the default menu of your WordPress installation under the “Users” sub-menu.

Why do the custom WordPress fields still show up, even though I set it to be “hidden”?

Profile Builder only disables the default fields in the front-end of your site/blog, it does absolutely nothing in the dashboard.

I just payed for the Premium version of Profile Builder but I can’t find the serial number to register with. Where is it?

The serial number needed for register your version of Profile Builder can be found in the mail sent to you once you completed the payment, along with some other usefull information.

I payed for the Premium version of Profile Builder but I can’t find the e-mail in my inbox anymore. What can I do?

Rest assured, things will turn out just fine! If you did complete a payed transaction, we will have a log of that. So in case you accidentally deleted the e-mail we sent to you or if you can’t find it anymore, just write an e-mail to the administrator, or post on the private forums, and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

I entered the serial number I received in the confirmation e-mail, but the indicator still is red. What’s wrong?

The validation, as well as the update checks require an active internet connection. If you are currently working on a localhost, check your internet connection. If you, however, are on a live server and your serial number won’t validate, it means that either our servers are/were down or your server blocked the validation request.

I see that there is a heading in the Extra Profile Fields section of Profile Builder, but it isn’t displaying in the front-end, neither in the back-end. How come?

If you mean the default Header item “Extra Profile Fields”, as long as you don’t change the title, it won’t show up.

I deleted the default header from the Extra Profile Fields section, but when I refreshed the page, it was there again. Am I seeing things?

Luckily for you, you aren’t imagining it! The plugin is designed in such way, that there must always be a header item in the list. But don’t worry: your users won’t see the default header.

I specified a role for the registration short-code and still the registered user is a subscriber. why?

The user-role you send via argument from the short-code must be a valid (existing) role in the database, else the role will revert back to the “subscriber” role for security reasons.

File-upload / avatar upload is buggy

Please make sure the filename you try to upload doesn’t contain illegal or special characters, for instance the “#”. While we do handle the basic ones, for instance ” “, “`” etc, we can’t cover them all.
Even though in some browsers fileupload will work even with a special character (e.g. #), some will fail, so please make sure you check the filename!

Where do I add the PHP functions to customize Profile Builder?

We created an empty plugin which you can use to add functions related to (but not only) to Profile Builder.

Just download it, copy it to the wp-content\plugins folder, edit it with the desired code, and then activate it just like you would a normal plugin.

After that add any code to it in order to customize the way Profile Builder functions.

I can’t find a question similar to my issue. Where can I find support?

Any questions related to Profile Builder can be asked on the forum. If you have issue accessing it, you can always write an e-mail to the administrator.